Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tenth Avenue, May 2007

Here's one of my favorite graffiti taggers once again, the one I call "3E." And on the center column there's the outline of a surprised looking cat. I've posted all these tags before, here, here and here, but not accompanied by such nice lines and shadows.

I called the plumber yesterday and presented him with a perfectly reasonable argument for why I should not have to pay his outlandish fee. He seemed rather unmoved, though he did promise to get back to me. Meanwhile, I've gotten used to the idea that maybe this is just what plumbers cost, and I might have to cough it up. Ugh.

My brother's poor old dog, Utah, who I mentioned here, died last Friday. My brother has been really broken up about it, as you'd expect. He and I talked on Sunday, comparing notes on loss - I lost a beloved pet in 2005, my 16-year-old cat Howard, so I told him about the stages I went through and the feelings I had then. I think it helped him see that his feelings aren't unusual. He described himself rather poetically as a planet that has lost its moon.


  1. "A planet that has lost its moon."

    Wow. When the house dog Rex died a couple of years ago, I was so upset it kind of worried me. I didn't understand how hard it was to lose a pet, since I'd never lost one before. It's a deep loss. My condolences to your brother.

    GREAT pic. I love the little "box" on the left, and the shadows, shapes and tags. Gorgeous!

  2. Good Morning Steve.

    My poor old dog died a couple of years ago and occasionally I still find myself expecting him to greet me when I get home.

    My best wishes to your brother.

  3. Aawww, sweet Utah. My condolences.

    Maybe he and Howard can play together now :-)

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  5. please post a pic of Howard sometime.

    plumber: "He seemed rather unmoved." that line made me crack up.

    the picture looks like HOT DAY to me--but maybe because I spent yesterday in baking heat. ugh.