Sunday, May 13, 2007

South Street, May 2007

South Street is down near the financial district, and used to be lined with fish markets and seafood suppliers. Many of those businesses have since moved on, and like everywhere else, South Street has become gentrified into a shopping mall. But it still offers occasional picturesque views.

After I wrote yesterday's post I went to the Zendo for our monthly daylong retreat. Almost immediately I saw my fear for what it was: clinging. I can't hold onto my job, or my false notions of "security," any more than I could hold onto the head of hair I had when I was 16. (Yes, it's true, I once had a full, shaggy head of hair. In fact, at times I had the Willie Aames look...but that's another story.)

After all, our security is a myth. Change will come whether we want it or not, and in fact, will ultimately take everything from us. How we deal with it is the real issue. Fighting it is useless and leads only to unhappiness. So we take a deep breath, follow that breath, and proceed on with a level head.

My blog pal Reya said it beautifully in her comments: "Nothing in this precious existence we're living is guaranteed. Change is everything, yet we humans resist that reality with all our might. We're so funny."


  1. I love your street scenes which remind me of ones I often take here in SF. Many are great abstract works that invite subjective context.

  2. how did i miss this one? I love grey. very peaceful.