Thursday, August 11, 2011


I'm crashing through the woods on a path. It's night, and I can't see very well. I'm running away from a large building, a lodge or hotel, to who knows where. I'm carrying some papers and other light objects.

When I get to a clearing, I collapse. I'm disoriented and I seem to be drunk. I know I strayed off the path I was supposed to follow, so I'm not sure where I am or which direction I should run. I pull out a flashlight, thinking I can see the path, but from the clearing there are many openings into the trees -- any of them could lead to my destination.

I feel threatened, exposed, and urgently want to move on.

Suddenly, Melissa Gilbert appears, dressed as Laura Ingalls. It's as if she's been there all along. "Wait!" she says. "Aren't those the lights of Mankato I see in the sky?"

I look around but no part of the sky seems brighter than any other. "Are you sure?" I say.

"Yeah!" says Melissa/Laura. "Come on!"

She takes off ahead of me, running toward Mankato. I gather up my papers, careful not to miss anything, and I follow her.


  1. So, where did this come from? Wow...

  2. It's a dream I had the night before last. Clearly it relates to feeling threatened in a new place at an uncertain time, and feeling like my own path (in my unemployed condition) is obscured. Doesn't it make sense to have a comforting figure from my childhood come and rescue me?!

  3. Yes, but your path will not be obscurred forever...just hang on to that thought when you get anxious.