Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Forty-five years ago today I came into the world in a drafty wing of Tampa General Hospital. Kind of hard to believe I'm approaching half a century! (Or, as my Peace Corps friend Jennifer would say, I'm now in my middle middle forties. Next year I'll be in my late middle forties. Then my early late forties.)

At any rate, here's a photo of me on what I think was my tenth birthday, at my dad's house in Florida. That's my stepbrother Jim on the left, my brother JM next to me, and my stepsister Jennifer on the right. Dig that '70s decor. Lots of macrame and ferns!

I'd like to say I have extravagant plans for the day, but I really don't. Dave and I might go out for a martini after he gets home from work, but otherwise I'm staying close to home. We're starting Ruby on some new medication today so I need to stick around for that. Dave is planning a more thorough celebration on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I looked through my past birthday posts. Some years I didn't even mention it. And then there were the possessed cats.


Barbara said...

Have a happy low-key day! Birthdays are just milemarkers on a journey.

The picture is so cute. You look like the perfect blended family.

Kevin Wood said...

Woo Hoo!

Lorianne said...

Happy birthday, with many returns of the day!

The Bug said...

Happy birthday! What a cute picture - I love the 70s look. I'm approaching my early late 40s myself :)

Now, I'm off to check out the possessed cats.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday from Phoenix Arizona! Hope you are having a martini right now.

e said...

Happy Birthday! You were a cute kid. The mid-forties were great...You'll enjoy them, I'm sure.

37paddington said...

happy birthday, friend! your first in england?

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