Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rooster Express, part 3

I've found a few more examples of fast-food chicken restaurants with the apparently customary red, white and sometimes blue signage. They really are all over London.

I've also belatedly noticed that these restaurants are almost always located immediately adjacent to a bus stop. Pretty brilliant marketing, I guess, if you want the hungry after-work crowd.

(See also part 1 and part 2.)


Linda Sue said...

red white and blue - doesn't it take you right back to Junk food capital- poor chooks. Chicken Wonder sounds like a haven for chickens to come and marvel to ponder chicken aesthetics. Chicken Village Inn- A cozy bedsit for when the chickens get tired of roaming the streets of London.
Again, poor chooks...they are so easily tricked.

Elizabeth said...

So funny! I recently thought about doing a montage of chicken places in Los Angeles, inspired by one called Crazy Chicken that I see every day when I pick my boys up from school. I love these, though!

And thank you for visiting my blog. If you google Mitt Romney and dog on top of car, you'll see that I'm not the only one talking about it!

Barbara said...

It's amazing how much fast-food chicken is sold around the world. I wonder if the life of a chicken is any better outside the US, where they spend most of their lives cooped up in a space that barely allows them to stand up. All to get ready for beheading and hot grease! I doubt too many free-range chickens end up at KFC or its many equivalents.