Friday, November 4, 2011


The weather forecast calls for rain today, tomorrow and most of next week. (We might get some sun on Monday.) I just took the dogs out and they were not amused.

I've been photographing leaves again, my standard autumn activity. Don't the two in the top photo look like they're holding hands?

The leaves from the London plane trees are huge. This one's about a size 11 1/2, I think.


  1. Really. Photos with added words, Meaningfully. And for sociable concern. Great and Thank You sharing so creatively.

  2. leaves holding hands - you're a poet as well as a photographer

    thanks for your visit to my own site

  3. I have leaves holding hands and feet all over my yard. I am always so amazed at how many come down each year. I remember distinctly when we moved into our house on Decmber 4, 1977, being overwhelmed with the leaves that hadn't been raked all fall.

    I think my leaves are mostly about size 7-1/2! :)

  4. LOVE the giant leaf - how cool is that?

    We're really fortunate that although there are plenty of trees in our neighborhood, we don't have any in our actual yard so we don't have to worry about leaf maintenance that much.

  5. Will you celebrate Guy Fawkes or are you staying in?