Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Willesden Green

Yesterday was gray and misty, and not a very promising day for photography. But after staying in all morning, taking care of the dogs and doing some housework, I was feeling a bit stir crazy. So I grabbed the camera and started walking north, through Ladbroke Grove and Kensal Rise, and just let my feet take me where they wanted.

I walked a little more than four miles to an area north of Willesden Green, part of the London borough of Brent. It's an interesting, diverse neighborhood -- lots of Middle Eastern and Polish businesses, especially. I passed a Buddhist temple that had clearly once been a Christian church, its eaves now decked with colorful, fluttering prayer flags.

I walked to the Dudden Hill area and then caught a bus -- with my newfound courage about using buses -- to come about halfway back. All in all, I probably walked five or six miles.

Photography on cloudy days is always a challenge for me, because I enjoy light, shadows and reflections so much. But I did manage to take some interesting photos, I think. The one above was taken in Kensal Rise at dusk, as I was returning home. If I don't have interesting light from the sky, at least I can try to work with interesting light from signs!


Barbara said...

I really love the names of English places. Interesting that here the Christians often took over the older Jewish synagogues and in London the Buddhists have taken over a Christian church. Are these spaces now doubly holy? :)

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

Hi Steve, it's always great to follow you. love your recent photos too. big hug. xoxo.

The Bug said...

I want to go into the little green store - it looks so inviting!

But first I have to feed these koi a little more :)