Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rooster Express, Part 4

Just another episode in my apparently endless quest to document the fast-food chicken restaurants of London! I found this one in Islington on Saturday. It's like the "Blade Runner" chicken restaurant -- very techie and minimalist. The logo looks like a computer cursor, and appears to include an apostrophe s, which suggests ownership. Maybe the owner, like The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, changed his name to a symbol?*

And then there's New Jersey Fried Chicken, also in Islington. What's not to love, with that jaunty chicken giving us an enthusiastic Jersey-style thumbs-up? (Never mind that chickens don't have thumbs.)

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*For the record, Prince went back to using his name in 2000!


Elizabeth said...

So weird and funny -- keep them coming!

Barbara said...

Fried chicken seems to be a universal food for the masses. You will have no shortage of choices should you ever have the urge to go for that crispy, salty, deliciously fried taste!