Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Japanese Restaurant

I call this "Self-portrait with dog, in the window of a Japanese restaurant." Ha!

I've actually been casing out this restaurant for a while, trying to get a photo. It's such a quaint little place, with the plants and those cartoon kittens in the window. Usually cars are parked in front, blocking the view. But yesterday, when I walked past with Olga, a woman was sitting there in her SUV, the engine running, looking as if she might be about to drive away.

I circled the block and came back, but the woman was still there. I circled the block again. Olga didn't seem to mind the extra walking.

Finally, having returned a third time to find the woman still there -- but the car behind her gone -- I knocked on her window and asked her to back up so I could take my photo.

She obliged, but her SUV was so big that its nose stuck into the frame anyway. I also got some really terrible reflections in the window, which I rather clumsily removed with photo-editing software.

Bottom line: I need to keep casing the joint.


Nancy said...

It IS quaint... and the blue is killer, and Olga's reflection floating in the window? Nice.

The Bug said...

Love the blue! But Olga in the window is the best :)

Photokismet said...

That's a really cool looking place...and now I need Chinese!

Wayne said...

I enjoy the beauty you find in buildings and general sprawl. I'm the same but Adam doesn't share that view - he just sees it as wood and brick *sigh*.

On a further note I LOVE that you asked her to back up haha

Lynne said...

I saw Olga right away but I didn't see you until I looked at the pic really hard. :)

Lynne said...

Are you sure this is a Japanese restaurant and not a Chinese one? This kitten I remember as a symbol from Chinatown?