Friday, February 22, 2013

Jaws of Death

Yesterday I took Olga back to the pet store to get her a halter, rather than a collar. She pulls forward on her leash so much that we were afraid her collar would injure her throat. So I found a padded pink-and-black halter that's not too embarrassing, and just as I was paying for it Olga bit through her leash. So I had to buy a new leash, too. At least it happened there, inside the store. Timing is everything.

I also bought her a Nylabone chew toy, which some of you recommended for their durability. You'll be glad to know she's already managed to work tiny fragments off it, but they're so small I can't imagine they would stress her digestive system if she swallows them.

This dog. Good grief.

I have been eating, sleeping and breathing substitute teachers all week. Between the standard winter flu bugs and all the spring activities coming up, lots and lots of teachers are calling in sick or planning absences. I have been incredibly busy -- and I haven't had a chance to leave the house for any photography. I hope to get out today or maybe this weekend. (It's also been freezing -- today's high is 37ยบ F.)

I have been taking Olga on some long walks, just to keep her energy levels manageable and get myself some exercise.

Last night we watched the movie "Chasing Amy." I remember seeing it when it came out in the '90s, and thinking it was great. Now it seems awfully overwrought -- all those histrionics about relationships and sexual exploration. I guess it's a young person's movie!

(Photo: A garage in Wandsworth, last week.)


Ms. Moon said...

Bulldogs are basically a set of jaws surrounded by a muscle. One, big, strong muscle.
That was my experience with them, anyway.
It's funny- when I read books or watch movies with all youngish people and there are all those sexual histrionics I look back at my own life and think, "Jesus. Hormones sure do make people do some crazy shit." That's like half of life or more and it's weird to realize that it was basically all the powerful drugs of hormones. The angst! The yearning! The heartbreak! The glory of new love! The...well, all of it.
Sort of glad that's over. Sort of miss it, too.

Linda Sue said...

Oh Ms. Olga! Such a cur! Must be frustrating to not have a large animal to take down and gnaw on. I have seen so called indestructible chewins' offered in the pet shops and I have seen dogs tear them apart in half an hour, I suggest you get an entire moose for her...
Chasing Amy was such a disappointment-When I first saw it I thought "at last, a lesbian film!" But then of course it got cheesed up with some male interpretation of what that girl really needed to sort her out! ACK! I really love the shot of the garage! I could live there!!!

Peter Bryenton said...

Olga: an anagram of goal.

Photokismet said...

Well those garage doors could be the jaws of death but now I know they refer to Olga!