Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blue Skies

There's a stretch of Colville Road a few blocks from our flat where the houses on both sides of the street are white and blue. They look especially great against a blue sky -- so when we got a break in our springtime gray weather yesterday afternoon I seized the opportunity for some quick snaps while walking Olga.

Not particularly skilled photos, but when I have the dog tugging her leash it's all I can do to snap something with my point-and-shoot!

Olga and I did scout out more interesting coal holes yesterday. Stay tuned tomorrow!

Meanwhile, life around here consists of more sub work, more walking the dog, more housework, more reading. I finished my Iris Murdoch book, "The Sea, The Sea," which was good but one of the strangest books I've ever read, with a real anti-hero as the main protagonist. He basically kidnaps and holds captive his high school sweetheart, whom he runs into by chance after having not seen her for decades, and somehow thinks this is OK. Thinks he is saving her, in fact. Perhaps the book is meant to be a study in delusion. In any case, it was exceptionally weird.

We have a handyman coming today to hang some pictures. It's kind of ridiculous we have to hire someone to do this, but we don't own drills or anchor bolts or any of the other things needed for such a job. So we contract it out. It's the American way. (Or is do-it-yourself the American way? I'm never sure.)

I considered going to a British Museum show of Ice Age art, but the earliest I could get an admission ticket is next Monday! Who knew the Ice Age is so popular? Are we mentally preparing for climate change? In any case, I'll let you know next Tuesday what the art is like.


Elizabeth said...

I love all those shades of blue -- I never tire of blue, actually, and I think your photos are beautiful.

Lynne said...

What?? The sky is actually blue? I thought the normal color of the sky was gray! We haven't seen a blue sky (except for maybe an hour?) in I don't know when.

Seriously, though, love the photos of the blue and white houses. They cheered me up.

I am pretty sure I tried to read that book once but I gave up.

And, thank you for reminding me of the true color of the sky.

Nancy said...

Great pics, but next time tell the houses to relax a bit. They're standing straight and stiff like royal guards.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh! The blue! So lovely. It is blue here today, too, bright and sunny. It makes a huge difference, doesn't it?
Your photos are delicious.

ellen abbott said...

Cold and overcast here but I love those cool blue houses.

Linda Sue said...

Not being able to hang your own pictures ? You do not own a hammer? A hammer fixes EVERYTHING! Best to go out and get one soon, they come in handy for all sorts, a hammer and duct tape- essential. My dad would fix everything with just those two things(fix, as in "alter")...Altered all the way to the dump usually.
OLGA!!! like a boss!!! I kiss her nose-xxxooo

Peter Bryenton said...

Nowt wrong wi' these snaps Steve: clear colours supporting the text. Good blogging.

Reya Mellicker said...

I would love to see Ice Age art. Sounds wonderful.

So glad you got some blue sky. The London gloom would definitely get to me.

Photokismet said...

Absolutely love these photos! I want to go into those buildings. Just one problem...I'd want to stay. That's my kind of house! And I'm not even a big fan of blue! :)

Steve Reed said...

Thanks for the photo praise, everybody. These really were one-hand, dog-dragging-me-along-the-sidewalk pictures. But I'm glad they worked!

Linda Sue, I should point out that we DO own a hammer. But the pictures we had to hang were going into a concrete wall. So a drill was needed!