Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mundane Monday

Yesterday's veterinary hell wasn't as hellish as I expected. It turns out Olga may have a slight infection, but the inflammation around her stitches is just that -- inflammation. The stitches are probably still intact, but the area is swollen because the sutures pulled at the surrounding tissue as the dog ran and jumped and rolled around in the park on Saturday morning.

The solution is antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine and less running and jumping. Not more surgery, which is what I feared. Hallelujah!

(I promise I will not make this blog all about the dog. It will not be a dog blog.)

Otherwise, yesterday was fairly nondescript. I went walking in the neighborhood and managed to shoot a few photos, despite Olga tugging at me. I also did some work for the school and got more caught up on reading. An uneventful Monday.

Last night, Dave and I went to a dinner for his coworker Lorraine's birthday. It was one of those restaurant scenes where there's a long, narrow table and the people at one end can't talk to the people at the other end. But c'est la vie. How else would everyone get seated?

(Photo: Yesterday, in the 'hood.)


Lynne said...

Thank goodness she didn't rip those internal stitches out. Yeah!! It seems that every female puppy we've had has gotten a bladder infection. Some are prone to them and get them off and on; some never get one again. Here's hoping Olga is in the latter category.

Thanks for telling us about the comment problem. Switching over to being a public blog again can cause some problems. Our SPAM filter is now working brilliantly (instead of too brilliantly)

Oh, and I love the details on this building. Those faces look like they could be on a fountain. You caught the person walking with her hair swinging out ... nice!

Ms. Moon said...

Nice picture.
Good dog!

Linda Sue said...

That walker knows how to STRIDE! Great photo! Dexter and I wouldn't mind your blog being a dog blog, we are selfish like that. Glad to hear about Olga, the girl, with just a minor infection instead of surgery (ouch) .

Photokismet said...

That is a very cool looking building!

The Bug said...

Whereas everyone else thinks the building is cool, I am marginally freaked out by the faces. They remind me of the Wizard of Oz and apparently I have heretofore unknown issues with that guy. :)

I love hearing about Olga - even just her name is vastly entertaining to me.

Elizabeth said...

I love the way the girl's hair is moving in the photo -- despite it being a still, it looks like movement! And I'm glad to hear that Olga will recover without more surgery. No worries on making it a dog blog -- I'd come for your photos alone!

37paddington said...

i love the movement of that girl against that white building with the stone faces looking down.

glad olga is on the mend. and if you want to make this a dog blog sometimes, why not. we're here for whatever is going on in your life and olga is a big part of that now.

i want people to do whatever the heck they want with their blogs because i want to do whatever the heck i want with mine, and i often find myself second guessing myself, and then i simply get stuck and can't write anything. so write whatever you want, dear steve.

so we don't get stuck!