Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Quiet Week

Not much to report here on this rainy morning. I've just been out with the dog and as we walked along the dark street, a cat leaped at us from beneath a parked car, hissing like a Sleestak and scaring us to death. Even Olga was alarmed. I thought she'd attack it, but she backed away and seemed quite happy to keep walking! Then the cat followed us. It was one ballsy cat.

We're seeing more signs of the arrival of autumn, like the slow turning of the tree above. This is the gate from our apartment complex to the street, the spot where I occasionally see foxes and window-washers.

I started to write about the government shutdown, but really, I just don't want to go there. I'm going to bite my tongue. I've been watching the Facebook pages of some of my Tea Party-sympathizing contacts, and surprisingly even they've had very little to say about it. I'm thinking about all my federally employed friends, hoping you're weathering the storm OK.

School is incredibly quiet this week. The high school students are all away on school trips, so we've only got middle schoolers to deal with -- and surprisingly, they are a much better behaved, less demanding group. I got out for a long walk yesterday at lunch, which felt great.


  1. I think they need a daylong meditation retreat. It would shift the energy.

    Sadly, this will never happen.

    Oh well.

    What a beautiful view from your apartment. colorful!

  2. The news here is too depressing. Thanks for the shot of color and life.

  3. So That is what you see as you go out the gate!!! Fabulous! So colourful, I would not have thought London capable of such bold outside house colours! The tree is gorgeous!
    It is a good time to be out of this country , the stupid is becoming epidemic!

  4. Laughing at the cat story - ha! I can just see Olga...

    I'm trying to bury my head in the sand about the government, but Mike is too angry for me to be able to ignore it altogether.

  5. I loved the cat story. It amazes me how some much smaller animals think they can intimidate the much bigger animals. What's really amazing is that they succeed in most cases.

    Government? What government? Do we have a government?

  6. There is an uneasiness that rests just below the breastbone. It has been settled just a bit by your feisty feline story. I welcome fall.

  7. Bonus points for the Sleestak reference.