Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vine at Alexandra Road

More fall color! I found this vine on a recent lunchtime walk. It was growing up a wall at the Alexandra Road council estate, yet another brutalist apartment complex with some very peculiar architecture.

Dave and I have decided to explore the possibility of going to Istanbul during Thanksgiving. (Remember we postponed that trip after the violent demonstrations in Turkey earlier this year.) We'll check airfares this weekend, but I've been told they're cheap in November.

I even joined the British Airways frequent flier club! In the past I never flew enough to make frequent flier clubs worthwhile -- I'd sign up and register miles and then they'd all expire before I accumulated enough to do anything with them. Super frustrating! Maybe now, traveling back and forth to the states and elsewhere, I'll actually be able to put them to use. The downside is that now I'll be predisposed to fly BA, which might not necessarily have the cheapest ticket -- and then am I benefitting from the frequent flier points at all, or just spreading my expenses?


  1. Beautiful vine!
    Here's another question- is flying on BA less than horrible? If so, it may be worth the extra cost.

  2. Love the vine! It's little berry things remind me of the people from the game of Life - ha!

  3. it is a beautiful vine. We rarely get fall color, at least not in any mass amounts. The chinese tallow trees will change beautifully if we get a cold snap but usually they lose their leaves before it gets cold enough. Individual leaves will turn a beautiful motley assortment of yellow, reds, and oranges though.

  4. That is a beautiful vine! My American Express care tallies up mileage, and then I use it for any airline.