Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Post on Aquatic Themes

This may be the best name for a chip shop that I've ever seen. It must be a heck of a lot bigger inside than the front entrance would seem to indicate -- 60 seats and a salad bar in that tiny place?! Is there a dance floor?

Yesterday was terrific. I went for a long walk from Waterloo down through Lambeth to Stockwell and Brixton. Lots of great photos!

For example, you gotta love a playground where one of the slides is a huge yellow submarine. Can we all live there?

Last night, Dave and I went to see "Blue Jasmine," Woody Allen's newest film, featuring a terrific performance by Cate Blanchett. The supporting cast is also great, but she makes the movie. I would not be surprised if it earns her an Oscar.


  1. Yes! I want to go to that place and get fish and chips AND the English Breakfast! Are there beans on toast? And the hair place with quotes just charms my heart. A yellow submarine slide? What joy!

  2. I think the yellow submarine needs to be on the side of my shop. Maybe I'll paint it.

  3. Oh Ellen yes definitely!!

    I want the hair quote person's handwriting - I'm impressed by it!

  4. We all live in a yellow submarine,
    A yellow submarine
    A yellow submarine.

    What a cool nod to the Bealtes and I bet the little kids that play on it don't even know that!

    Maybe the fish are dancing at the disco and not people?

    The English breakfast? Well, not a real fan ... :)

  5. Great pics! I saw "Blue Jasmine," and marveled, too, over Cate Blanchett's performance, but I found the movie stingy and mean-spirited. It made me very uncomfortable -- I've grown to dislike Woody Allen immensely, actually --