Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back to Work

Yesterday morning I took the tube east into the City of London, the land of the three-piece suit. I seldom walk around in the central city, where everything is glassy and banks and insurance predominate. I thought I'd see what photos I could find in that environment, and of course there were many to be had -- like this shot of Robert Indiana's sculpture "One Through Zero." (Well, part of it, anyway.)

Then I came back to Notting Hill and Dave and I went out for lunch. I wanted to find an outdoor cafe and take Olga, but he argued against it. I always feel guilty leaving her at home. But he wants to be able to go to lunch unburdened by the dog, which I can also understand, because she is kind of a pain in the neck at restaurants. So, ultimately, we left her here and I took her for a long walk later in the afternoon, which made up for it in my mind.

Now our two-day October break is over -- we're both back to work today.

Oh, and we bought our tickets for Istanbul over Thanksgiving. I'll be so excited to be in Turkey rather than eating turkey!


  1. I swear to you, I am about to die to get out of the country. I MEAN, OUT OF THE COUNTRY! I've got USA fatigue. Is that a thing? I'm glad y'all are going to Turkey.
    Hey- here's a little thing I thought you might enjoy. I found it via Messy Nessy.

  2. Love the giant numbers - seems appropriate for the Land of Three Piece Suits :)

  3. Ms Moon: Thanks for the link! I love it! I especially like the drawing of Poole's Chemist. I looked it up on Google Maps to see if it's still there, but alas, it seems to have been paved over by Starbucks.

    Bug: It is indeed a very numerical part of the city!