Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Big Storm

As you've no doubt heard on the news, we had a crazy windstorm the night before last. It was forecast to be bad, but from inside our apartment it didn't seem so terrible -- gusty winds that buffeted the plants on the balcony, but that's about it. I didn't realize quite how crazy the storm was elsewhere until I went to work yesterday morning and found all the tube lines snarled, with delays and closures caused by debris on the tracks.

Apparently there were trees down and even a few fatalities, with winds up to nearly 100 mph in parts of southern England. Around our neighborhood, the wind merely tore leaves from the trees, and they've drifted into big piles on the sidewalk. Olga likes to traipse through them. The event is being called the St. Jude's Day storm, because -- who knew? -- Monday was the feast day for St. Jude.

Aside from that excitement, yesterday was slow torture, mainly because I was mildly hungover from my martini-wine pre-birthday combo. Seriously, I felt slow, foggy and tired all day. I was so happy to get a good night's sleep last night!

(Photos: Nothing to do with the storm, unless you consider that high winds are hell on hair.)


  1. You could make a calendar with these hair quotes.
    How strange to think of 100 mile an hour winds in Great Britain.

  2. I wondered how the winds had affected you.

    I felt hungover all day yesterday too! But I didn't drink anything so I'm not sure why. Glad to be more myself today!

  3. Glad you weathered the storm!

    I love the hair quotes!

  4. I got an email from a London friend who said the same thing about the rail lines. His commute was delayed by two hours. Monday must have been a good day for hangovers. I was right there with you.

  5. Lucky that you are able to walk all over town! You can most likely leap over tall buildings, no worries. Sounds like the most southern part got the worst of it. Trees attract wind I think, death wish?

  6. Great pics, great quotes...I love Hepburn! AND Happy BD!!!

  7. Eek. We didn't see any of the storm at all - in fact, it was incredibly sunny and nice. Go figure.

    My Dad lives near Cambridge though and he said it was horrendous. Such varying weather patterns for such a small country...

  8. If you had hair, you would just have to frequent that salon. When I come visit, I might get a trim.

    Reminds me of Sylvia Sumter's church signs all those years back.

    Glad you survived the storm! A friend who lives on the south coast had a hell of a time.