Friday, October 11, 2013

Curse the Tube Gods

The transportation gods seem to be working against me. On Wednesday, I couldn't get to work via my normal tube route because the Jubilee Line was closed at Bond Street -- something about someone hearing "voices in the tunnel." (Presumably it was established that these voices were not coming from within that person's own head.) And then yesterday evening much of the western half of the Central Line was closed -- signal failure at Holborn, apparently -- which meant I had to elbow my way onto a jam-packed Circle Line train that ultimately took me to a stop not-so-close to my house. *Sigh*

Urban problems. Oh well.

Dave was caught up in it too -- he took a bus home, arriving a few minutes after me -- so we abandoned plans to cook last night and ordered pizza instead.

One fringe benefit of the tube confusion -- walking home from my not-so-close tube stop, I passed a demonstration by LGBT rights activists in front of a Gambian diplomatic building in Notting Hill. They were protesting comments by the Gambian president, who recently told the United Nations that homosexuality is a deadly global threat. The demonstrators chanted in favor of gay rights throughout Africa, which as we all know has a completely dismal record when it comes to LGBTs. All I can say is, bravo! I gave them a thumbs-up to show my support. (Excuse the lousy iPhone photo -- my old iPhone 3G is all I had on me at the time.)

Now I'm awake ridiculously early for no good reason and it's raining steadily outside. The sound is peaceful and comforting, but I'm not looking forward to walking the dog.

(Top photo: Kennington, South London, on Monday.)


  1. Right. It's the gays and transgenders who are threatening the globe. Got it. Thanks for the warning, Gambian President Dude. And here I thought it was like Global Warming or something.
    All right. Be careful out there where the Tube Gods can mess you up. Happy Friday, Steve.

  2. People say the most ridiculous stuff and they do it with a straight face! They are long on accusation but short on just what and how this destruction will come about.
    do they think gay and transgender is some sort of new phenomenon?

  3. Well, you know that The Gays caused global warming, so the Gambian president might be onto something. SMH. Sigh. But good for those folks to demonstrate!

    Hope your rainy walk wasn't as miserable as it sounds like it would be!

  4. I would have given those protesters the thumbs up too. What a ridiculous thing to say. He must be buddies with Putin, another ignorant supposed leader.

    I just booked tickets to London between the 8th and 17th of November so I'm hoping those tube gods and the rain gods will find themselves in a better mood while I'm there.

  5. Walking in London- could be worse- Back in the day we lived south of the Oval, took a friend's beat up car to a party in north London, Car broke down, we pushed it all the way home, of course in the rain, of course in our fancy party clothes. Made it back by sun up. Your previous post, we do live in a fragile volatile world. Always at the back of our minds, the THREAT! SOOOO, live well and do what you love, I guess that is the only thing to be done. My son has a sticker- "save the planet, kill yourself", he thinks it is profound and in your face funny ironic. People are the problem. I am one of those, hemlock tea anyone?

  6. A deadly global threat, eh? Well, ok then.

    The subway here too is riddled with problems and running half assedly since the shutdown. I've been staying close to home.

    How long is your usual commute?

  7. Save the planet, kill yourself? That is hilarious!

  8. Though I disagree that it's all our fault. Such hubris. We're part of the earth.