Saturday, October 26, 2013

Urban Autumn

I mentioned the other day that autumn colors in London aren't as vibrant as they are in parts of the U.S., but there are exceptions.

(By the way, it was only after I got home from my photo walk in Streatham, where I took these shots, that I realized the bit of paper in the photo above says, "Congratulations! Your Lotto ticket is a winner! You've won £25!" It also says "Player Receipt," so I'm hoping it's just a receipt and not the ticket itself. I'll be kicking myself if I left a winning Lotto ticket lying in a colorful gutter.)

If the dry, brittle horse chestnut and oak leaves aren't enough to give you an autumnal feeling, how about the rich, mellow golds and oranges of the take-away chicken box?


  1. Love the colorful gutter. The leaves look like red footprints ...

    I also appreciate your humor on the second photo! :)

  2. Laughing at that chicken box - ha!