Monday, January 19, 2015

The Mechanics of Kong Play

It was back to the cemetery for me and Olga yesterday. We had a long, exciting walk full of squirrel-chasing and running. No one yelled at us this time, and we encountered numerous other dogs.

Here's what usually happens when we go to the cemetery: Olga carries her Kong toy in her mouth, and chases squirrels. When she gets really into it, she drops the Kong, only to race back and pick it up when the chase is complete. When she gets really, really into it, she drops the Kong and forgets where she dropped it. Then we launch a search-and-rescue operation. All I have to say is, "Go get your Kong!" and she begins a frantic, tail-wagging, nose-to-the-ground investigation. She usually has a vague idea where it is, which is amazing to me. We just have to spend a few minutes finding it.

If I get to it first, I grab it and hurl it as far as possible, and she goes after it like a rocket.

While she runs, I read inscriptions and admire decorations, from tasteful flowers to plastic toys and garden gnomes. Yesterday I saw the grave of someone -- a civil judge in Lucknow, India -- who was born in Calcutta in 1815 and died in London in 1888. Can you imagine what that person's life must have been like?

Yesterday morning I took the tube out to Bethnal Green, in East London, to get some photos of some street art out that way. It was quite a journey, with several tube lines shut down for repairs and lots of train-changing. I suppose I should be happy things are being fixed.

(Photo: A gravestone in the cemetery, yesterday.)


  1. It is always rather amazing to me that dogs do understand speech. At least some of it. I mean- do we understand "dog?"
    Not much.
    Cats on the other hand, don't give a rat's ass what people say.
    That's a beautiful shot from the graveyard.

  2. Well, my cat understands me and does respond to what I say, he just has to be in the mood to cooperate...He doesn't do Kong but adores lap time...
    That's an interesting statue...

  3. She, Olga, can probably smell it. But then I don't subscribe to the animals are dumb school so she also probably remembers about where she dropped it.

  4. I love the image of Olga racing after her kong - strong & beautiful & full of joy. I wish I felt that way about running :)