Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Mystery Plant, and French Class

Does anyone know what this plant is? It cascades over the garden wall by the back door and predates our residence in this house, so we have no idea what it is. We didn't even know it would bloom until these white flowers appeared in the spring. Our garden is a continually unfolding mystery!

Here's a close-up (above), with dewdrops.

Oh, and our apple tree is blooming... are, finally, our bluebells. Spring is quite an event in our yard!

The daffodils are pretty much done. I deadheaded them yesterday, as well as our camellia bush. The flowers on the camellia are briefly pretty, but any time in the sun turns them a rusty brown color, so the overall effect is not so nice. Most of the blossoms on the bush wind up looking brown.

I had my first French class at the Alliance Francaise yesterday. There are eight of us in the class, and our lesson centered around masculine and feminine endings for words, using dating and romance as a theme. I wanted to say, "Hey, two chanteurs can date too, you know. It doesn't have to be a chanteur and a chanteuse." But I didn't go there.

Seriously, it was fun, although I can't believe how rusty my French is. I am scared to try to say anything, I sound so terrible. Fortunately, most of us in the class are similarly fumbling around. I hope I can at least develop more confidence and take it with me to Paris on the Eurostar!


  1. gardens in spring are so wonderful. I have no idea what the white flowers are but they are very pretty. and the bluebells too. my neighbor's apple trees are covered with small apples.

  2. Nothing wrong with going there. I'm one of those pedantic people who would. :-)

  3. No idea but isn't it beautiful?
    That's a nice thing about moving to a place where the yard offers so many surprises.
    You will gain confidence in French class soon enough, I bet!

  4. Maybe it's this one? We call it snowflake.

  5. The French will get better...Thanks for sharing your bountiful garden. I'm shopping for a new mattress. Any suggestions?

  6. your garden is wonderful! Our apples are a little bit ahead of your, now forming little fruits and the cherries are making little tiny nubbins, which always fall off before they get much larger than your pinky finger nail. I left a chair on my blog for you, I just knew that you wanted it!

  7. Ellen: Yeah, this is a great time of year. Our tree will get apples soon enough!

    MWA: You should have been there! :)

    Ms Moon: It IS beautiful! And yes, confidence will come with time.

    Sabine: THAT'S IT!!! Thanks so much! I am so glad to know what the heck we have growing right outside our door.

    E: No specific brand suggestions, but Dave and I bought a memory foam mattress when we got a new bed and we love it.

    Linda Sue: I gotta go check out that chair! :)