Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Soho with Students, and a Massage

I chaperoned yet another group of student photographers yesterday, on a field trip down to Soho. These were high schoolers working on a project that combines older and newer images of the same streetscapes -- they looked online for old photos of the area, and then we revisited the locations and shot them again. They'll fold the two pictures together using Photoshop. A cool idea, right?

While we strolled the streets looking for their specific addresses, I shot a few streetscapes myself. We had nice dramatic skies.

Soho is a funny place to walk around with students, because it's so rife with bars and sex shops and whatnot. It's completely safe and even gentrified, but it retains remnants of its edgy past. I didn't hear any of the kids make a remark or see them bat an eye. I guess they're used to it. They're city kids.

Last night I finally had another of my gift massages from Dave. Remember how he gave me five massages for my birthday, way back in November? Well, I took three before the massage therapist moved out of the UK in February. She passed along the remaining two to her business partner, and then I misplaced the partner's contact information, so it's taken me forever to try to book another one. Finally, I stopped in over the weekend at the massage studio and picked up her business card, and sent her a text.

Frankly, I wondered whether she'd even honor the deal. I expected to be told that she knew nothing about it -- I thought there was a good chance we'd lose our money. But no, she knew who I was and we made an appointment with no problem. (I suppose I often expect the worst so I can be pleasantly surprised when things work out well. It's a Reed family trait!)

Anyway, the massage was nice, though it was a little odd -- the therapist started and ended with my legs, and she didn't do my feet or head at all. And now I smell like coconut oil. But as I optimistically told her, "That's OK -- it's almost summer!"

(Photo: The corner of Old Compton and Moor streets in Soho, yesterday.)


  1. The dramatic sky was the first thing I noticed in the photo. The second really, the first was the contrasting bright sunlight on the side of the building.

    Ms Soup

  2. No feet? What about reflexology? Maybe it's a whole separate thing.

  3. What a great project for the kids. I'd love to see some of the final results.
    (I hope that school realizes what a great resource you are.)

  4. Every massage I've ever had started with the back. How odd!
    Great project! What an amazing school and I'm so glad you're part of it.
    Oh yes. That sky.

  5. I just try not to have expectations at all. that way I'm not being negative and whatever happens, happens. I don't see how expecting to be disappointed is better than being disappointed.

  6. I love the photo today. It makes me long for another visit to London.
    That coconut oil smell made me flash back to the 70's and all the Hawaiian Tropic sun tan oil I slathered myself with while soaking up the sun. In those days I was totally oblivious to the harm of those rays.

  7. Maybe you should ask about that the next time you go...interesting approach...Love the photo.

  8. I was in soho last sunday
    Its got very sanitised recently

  9. I sort of live for the foot part, so that would have been a deal-breaker for me.

  10. Ms Soup: The sun and sky together did it for me!

    37P: I don't know why she ignored my feet. I'm trying not to take it personally. :)

    Marty: It IS a great project, with a history component as well as photography. As for being a resource, there are downsides to that. I'm being called upon a lot lately! It's fun, though.

    Ms Moon: Me too! Always the back first!

    Ellen: That's very true. I can't help it, though. It really is the way I'm wired.

    Sharon: When she told me she'd be using coconut oil I flashed onto that same smell! It wasn't THAT strong, though.

    E: It was weird.

    John: Yes, it is a shadow of its former seamy self. But we passed one shop with a huge poster-sized photo of a Colt model in a jockstrap, and I thought, "Hmmmm..."

    Elizabeth: Me too! I love the foot part! She didn't do my head either, which is another favorite -- the scalp massage.