Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kids' Mural, 1978

I am immersed in a photography project today -- making a book of some of my favorite travel pictures, past and present -- so I'm going to leave you with a mostly pictorial post.

On my walk to work each day I pass a mural painted by children on the Abbey Road bridge, over the train tracks. It's a fanciful creation filled with animals and various characters. Cat and butterfly, anyone?

At least the crowds are all smiling.

Hmmm...did Charles Schulz get royalties?

Apparently this artwork has been around for a long time! I'm amazed it's lasted more than 35 years. Maybe it's been refreshed once or twice?

The circus animals look even more caged due to the pedestrian safety railing separating the sidewalk from the street.

There's an elephant in the room!


  1. A very cute mural. I wonder if any of those now grown up kids go back to admire it.

  2. Makes you wonder - school project?
    That a lot of pictures. Must have involved the whole student body!

  3. these are wonderful!How they lasted for so long is a mystery. What a great find! Thank you, I might try to felt some of these images, they are so fabulous.

  4. Thirty five years IS a long time! I love that they're still here.

  5. I'm surprised it hasn't suffered defacement although I used to pass a concrete block fence along one of the streets I took regularly in the city that had a mural painted on it. previous to the mural, it was getting tagged all the time and the city has an ordinance that if your property is tagged you have to paint it out or get a ticket. apparently (and I don't remember how I know this since I did not know the property owner), the property owner asked the police how to keep it b=from being tagged and they told him to have someone paint a mural. that the taggers seemed to respect art. so that is what he did and it stayed un-defaced.

  6. Cat and butterfly for me, then I'll take that bus to the circus to see the lion? in the cage pulled along by the zebra.

    Ms Soup