Sunday, April 5, 2015

Garden Close-Ups

One of our ongoing garden mysteries has been these clumps of strange, grass-like plants that sprouted a few months ago. We knew they weren't grass, but we weren't sure what they were, so we left them to grow. Turns out they're grape hyacinths!

To me, these are ornamental and kind of fun. But I have a feeling they might be considered invasive here, as I've seen them all over the place, growing through cracks in people's driveways and that sort of thing.

We've got a couple of other odd-looking plants that we're watching. No flowers yet, but I have a hunch they might be bluebells. I'll keep you posted!

The dewy mornings have made for some interesting photos. These water droplets are on a huge oxalis plant that sprouted at the back of the garden. We've just left it to grow. The leaves are so soft.

This is an intriguing little weed that's sprouted around our roses, bearing both blue and pink flowers on the same plant. I have no idea what it is. Dave was planning to mow this week, and I asked him to mow around them. As it turned out, it's been too damp to break out the lawn mower.

Which means our dead nettles have also won a reprieve for now, blooming in all their hairy splendor!


  1. Beautiful garden photos today!

  2. Love these photos! I love wandering around the yard & finding unexpected color (in our yard it's usually wild strawberry blossoms - ha!).

  3. Flowers are really astounding.

  4. love these. have several posts of close-ups coming up myself.

  5. Sometimes the weeds are prettier than the ones we plant.