Monday, April 20, 2015

Slow Sunday, with Laundry

Dave is home from Belgium safe and sound. I didn't feed him my lentil soup. Instead we had Indian takeaway, which gave me heartburn. We get our Indian food from a particular restaurant up the street, and I don't know what they put in their sag paneer but every time I eat it, I wind up feeling heavy and acidic, like I ate six D-cell batteries.

Maybe it's time to change Indian restaurants.

Yesterday, before Dave got home, I took Olga back to the Heath for another romp. Once again, she had a blast and subsequently experienced Heath-induced fatigue. She's still in bed.

Otherwise, it was a very domestic day. I hauled our blankets down to the laundry to be washed, thinking that I would make a great photo, struggling down the sidewalk with two king-sized blankets! (It would be very Cindy Sherman to photograph myself.) I watered the garden, tweaked my newest photo book a bit and read some of "Shantaram."

And now, back to work!

(Photo: A side street off Brick Lane, on Friday.)


  1. I love that shot! It is perfect in so many ways!
    I did laundry and was domestic as hell too, yesterday.
    Definitely time to find a new Indian restaurant.

  2. Sunday was the first really nice day (read no rain) we've had in weeks. We were going to go in town for an artist friend's open house but stayed home instead while I worked in the yard. finally got a new rose bush planted but not in the ground. Can't decide where to put it so I just put it in a bigger pot.

  3. I agree with Ms. Moon. You need to find a new Indian Restaurant. Speaking of Indian...Newport Coast, where I go for a few days every August had a new Indian Restaurant the was the best I've ever had. It's called Tamarind of London. They told us this branch was their first foray into the U.S. Their London location is in Mayfair so I'm betting it's expensive.

  4. that is the best photo EVER! ( of course I say that frequently about you photos...) I told a friend that I was going to London soon, she said " EW I hate London- the food is terrible, I hate Indian food". "hmmm, it is good for you to stay home", said I, Some people should never leave their own yards.

  5. I love Cindy Sherman. I interviewed her for Life magazine back in the day. She was just starting out. So was I. Sounds like you all had a perfect Sunday.

  6. Ooh I love sag paneer - but I always thought I got heartburn because I ate too much of it (no control)...

    That IS a great picture! You know I would have taken an iPhone selfie of myself with those blankets - right? :)