Thursday, April 16, 2015

Camellia and Parrot

I dead-headed some of the flowers in the back garden yesterday, and picked up all the fallen blossoms around our camellia bush. This was one of them -- nearly flawless, still, with just a few brown nicks to show its age. The bush is still going strong and has lots of buds, so I suppose there are more flowers to come.

Our amaryllis have finished their first round of blooming, but we have a new flower stalk coming up from one of the bulbs, so we'll get one more bunch of blossoms this year.

What is this on the bird feeder? Where do we live, Brazil?!

The shadows in our foyer, that big room just inside the front door that we can't figure out what to do with...

And finally, here's Olga, and that patch of blue flowers that we've allowed to grow beneath the roses in the back garden. Dave mowed around them because they're so pretty!


  1. Someone lost a pet? Looks like African Ringneck parrot...

  2. I've heard that in some places there are flocks of parrots where you'd never expect them. Still- how startling to see one at your feeder!
    I love the camellia. Such a beautiful blossom.
    Olga. Happy in the garden. I don't know about you but I'm glad you got a place with a little land around it. I think Olga probably is too.

  3. it is a beautiful camellia. and yah the parrot, what a surprise. I'm glad you let the blue flowers stay. Do you know what they are?

  4. Wow, four gorgeous photos today! Wonderful. I love the flower and the shadows. That does look like some kind of parrot and I think Jennifer might have got it right. I hope it survives. I would think the climate might be a problem for it.

  5. Love the parrot! Now that's something that would REALLY surprise me if I saw one in our back yard :)

    Mike's dad has this telephone table that he made. Although I'd love to have it someday, I have nowhere to put it, but I'll bet it would look great in your foyer...

  6. Hi Steve, long time no Shadows & Light. You made my day. xoxo.

  7. Came over from Ms Moon's blog, Steve. I have been enjoying your photos so much.

    I think your blue flowers are forget-me-nots - what do you think? They're pretty, anyway.