Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Back to Routines

About a week ago I came across this guy cleaning the brass kickplate on the door of this pub near Colindale. When I started snapping photos, he asked if I wanted him to move out of the way. "Not necessarily, unless you want to!" I replied. So he stayed put and I kept snapping. I think there was a pole on the right -- or maybe a parked car -- that kept me from centering the door, but I like the unconventional framing and the books piled in the window.

Yesterday morning I took Olga for one last Spring Break romp on the heath. We found some bluebells beginning to bloom under a tree, and now I'm certain we also have them in our yard. We should be getting some interesting flowers soon!

Dave and I saw our visiting friend David off to the airport before joining our former neighbor Chris for lunch -- apparently our old apartment in Notting Hill still isn't occupied. Then we came home to enjoy a quiet afternoon of alone time. I cleaned the house and watched "Moon Over Miami."

I like having visitors, but it's always such a relief to get the house back in order, get the routines back in place. Today we're back at work, as usual, and I feel ready, to tell you the truth.

Oh, and I finally got all my Singapore photos uploaded to Flickr. You can see them here, if you're interested.


  1. Just curious: All things considered would you rather have stayed in your old Notting Hill place or are you glad to have moved to where you are now? And I know what you mean about getting back to routines!

  2. I adore that movie. It's got one of my favorite movie lines of all times in it. It's where Sarah Jessica Parker is about to go to bed with Antonio Bandaras and she asks him if he has a condom. "I don't know where you've been!" she says.
    "I've been with your mother!" he says.
    Ah. Sweet routine.

  3. I was wondering that myself, about whether you are annoyed that the old apt is still empty. I thought they had you move so they could sell it. or is that the problem...they can't sell it. anyway, it is nice to get back to comfortable routines no matter how much fun the disruption was.

  4. I can't believe your old place is still empty. They scuttled you out of there very prematurely.
    I love the photo today. That guy is doing an excellent job polishing that brass.

  5. I've decided that whatever you think, I'm glad you moved - I've enjoyed the stories from the new place. Plus, garden!!

  6. Maybe I should rent your old apartment, I am so sure I could afford it....Olga in the bluebells, good title for a poem.

  7. Angella: We are VERY glad to be in our new place. We would happily have stayed in Notting Hill, but now that we have the garden, we're thrilled with it. Plus, this space is much better for Olga.

    Ms Moon: You're thinking of "Miami Rhapsody," from 1995. "Moon Over Miami" is with Betty Grable, from 1941. It's an AWESOME movie for old Florida footage (parts were filmed at Silver Springs and Cypress Gardens). I haven't seen "Miami Rhapsody" in years and years -- probably not since it came out in 1995. I should rent it sometime!

    Ellen: We ARE a little annoyed, but we're both much happier with the new place anyway. I am keeping tabs on the old one, though, just out of curiosity. :)

    Sharon: I'll say! They must be losing money hand over fist on that place. Chris told us the real estate agents rarely even show it anymore.

    Bug: Agreed! :)

    Linda Sue: That is a portrait I will definitely take. I'll leave the poem up to you. :)