Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kurta and Fox

One of the parent volunteers in the school library where I work is from India. A few weeks ago, she brought me a kurta, an Indian garment that looks something like a long, loose shirt. Her husband had just gone to India and she had him return with kurtas for me and one of my coworkers. Such a nice thing to do!

I wasn't sure when I was ever going to have a chance to wear it. But tonight, as it happens, there's a South Asian festival at school, featuring food and dancing and other events. So I'm going to break out the kurta and wear it to work. It's now or never.

Olga and I heard the neighborhood fox again this morning, barking his wheezy bark. Here's a picture of him creeping along our garden wall. I shot it yesterday morning just after writing my blog post. He really doesn't like it when Olga is out in the garden early in the morning. She seems to disrupt his plans!

(Top photo: A pair of snails in Kingsbury, March 31. I didn't pose them -- they just happened to be positioned like that! I think there was snail courtship going on.)


  1. That fox looks straight out of a fairytale! We have a bit of a coyote problem here in my neighborhood in Los Angeles, but coyotes are so sinister and ruffian-like.

  2. The fox went out on the town one night....

    Ms Soup

  3. Well, I like the snails. GREAT photo!
    Kurtas are so comfortable. You could become an eccentric and refuse to wear anything else. Ponder it, Steve. Ponder it.

  4. I wonder if your fox is a mama with kits in a den somewhere in your yard?

    I would think (?) a roving predator would simply rove somewhere else when Olga appears, but if the fox seems determined to stay around your yard with Olga there, that makes me think she (the fox) needs to get into your yard for a reason, like nursing young.

    This is pure speculation on my part: I don't know anything about the mating habits of European foxes. But with the cottontails we have here, the mother rabbits will do anything to get to their babies when it's time to nurse.

  5. Please share a picture of you in that kurta!

  6. Yes, terrific picture of the fox, BUT I LOVE your koi pond! What fun! I don't think I ever noticed it before.
    . . .I'm so easily amused. . .

  7. I agree - a picture of you in the kurta is required! (Or at least a picture of the kurta). And LOL at Ms. Moon - ponder it indeed!