Sunday, September 13, 2015

Love and Mercy

Well, this weekend has turned out much sunnier than I expected. We had sun much of the day yesterday, and I just went out in the back garden with Olga and it's pretty clear this morning. A pleasant surprise!

I spent yesterday mostly at home, catching up on domestic business like laundry and housework. I also finished mounting the new prints for my Royal Photographic Society licentiate assessment, which is next month, and I Skyped with my mom to get the latest news from home. Apparently we've finally had a little bit of activity on the house sale, though still no firm offers.

I took Olga to Fortune Green and the cemetery, where we had a long walk.

And finally, last night, we rented "Love and Mercy," the recent movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. It was a good film, and told me a lot of things I didn't know about Wilson. Although "Pet Sounds" is one of my favorite albums, I haven't been much of a student of the Beach Boys' music. By the time I was a kid, Wilson had already suffered his breakdown and withdrawn from the band, and the rest of the Beach Boys were shaggy haired, bearded guys (remember the cover of "Endless Summer"?) singing their old hits. The movie was an interesting window onto their most creative period.

(Photo: The cemetery, yesterday.)


e said...

I could use a walk myself right about now...I'm more a Beatles girl myself...You'll be happy to know I now have a working camera. Glad you had some sun...I'm wishing for cooler weather. Tell your mother hello the next time you Skype.

ellen abbott said...

in 1965, when I was 14 or 15, the Beach Boys and the Beatles were coming to Houston (separate shows) and I really wanted to go to both. Too young in my parents eyes to go to a concert unescorted so my dad took me but I had to choose. One or the other. I was a surfer girl so really, what choice was there, besides all those screaming girls at Beatles concerts put me off. I never did see the Beatles as it turned out to be the only time they ever played Houston.

37paddington said...

I watched the movie last night too and have been googling the history and the characters ever since.

Ms. Moon said...

Elizabeth said that she loved that movie too. I should watch it. I love the Beach Boys. There was no one like them.

Linda Sue said...

I can not remember if it was a excerpt from a book or what, I read about the beach boys, their Dad, and how insane he was and how he so badly mistreated and humiliated his children but reading the torture was enough to put me off the history of their music. I listen to them , the cool years, good vibration years, and they just make me so sad having read that, but I might give the movie a chance, Movies do not affect me as much as reading, and reading that bit about their childhood just broke my heart so hard!