Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Traveling with Postcards

We take a break from my boring life to travel to exotic places and times via old postcards! Some of you may know I casually collect postcards when I come across them in antique or junk stores. Here are some from my collection.

First, one of my favorites -- a "Mohammedan mosque" in Colombo, Ceylon. There's no date on this card, but I don't see any cars, and just one lone rickshaw. I'm guessing it's from the early 1900s.

A view of the Pont des Artes, in Paris, mailed in January 1963 by "Tante Georgette" to wish "Michael et Eric" a belated Happy New Year.

The Noah's Ark Bar on board the S.S. Shalom, from the Israel Navigation Co.

A view of the Moorestown Mall in New Jersey, "showing some of the pleasant indoor decor and landscaping that abounds throughout the entire center, inviting year-round leisurely shopping pleasure."

An "Arab dhow on Lake Nyasa," mailed in 1963 from Rhodesia & Nyasaland. "Dear Loretta -- Many thanks for your 'God speed' wishes. We are edified by all the work these sisters (Daughters of Wisdom) can get into one day. My English class of 20 girls has no behavior problems. They're all so anxious to learn. Warm days and cool nights. We are fortunate. Best to you and Marguerite. -- Kay & G. Price"

A somewhat surreal distant view of Chartres Cathedral, probably from the 1940s or early '50s.

And finally, the Egyptian Mosque in Khartoum, Sudan. Again, there's no date, but I'm thinking 1950s.

What do all these places look like now? Well, I've been to the Pont des Artes and it has a nicer railing, especially now that they've removed all those hideous padlocks. I did some Googling and the Egyptian mosque in Khartoum looks pretty much the same. The mosque in Ceylon -- now Sri Lanka -- looks a lot more urban. The Moorestown Mall is still in business but obviously has been renovated and modernized.

And according to Wikipedia, the S.S. Shalom had a long life as a cruise ship under a number of names before sinking off South Africa in 2001 while on its way to be scrapped. So the Noah's Ark Bar, at the very least, is no more.


Elizabeth said...

These are fantastic! I love the French one and the New Jersey mall, especially. I bet the woman who curates that fabulous blog Messy Nessy Chic would love to see some of your collection.

e said...

I agree with Elizabeth. So would another blogger in England, Alan Burnett who does the News From Nowhere and other blogs. Interesting bits of history.

Ms. Moon said...

"Year round, leisurely shopping pleasure!"
Now that's hard to beat.
Old postcards are a window into the past. If they have a message written on them, TWO windows from the past.

ellen abbott said...

Well, now I'm going to be looking for old postcards.

Sharon said...

Well, this was certainly a fun post. I love looking at old post cards. In fact, I have a small collection in my desk that I inherited from my grandmother. I should scan those and keep them digitally. I'm guessing the fishes and sea creatures are enjoying the Noah's Ark Bar now.

jenny_o said...

There's something about pictures from the past that draws a person in. These are wonderful. That little girl by the railing in the Parisian card would be about my age now! Cool that you have been there in person.

Linda Sue said...

Noahs Ark bar, so cool! Thanks for the journey, journeys! Now I have jet lag and have to have a gin and tonic, darn you!

37paddington said...

so very cool.