Thursday, November 26, 2015

Foxy Fox

I happened to have my camera handy when one of our neighborhood foxes took a stroll around our back garden yesterday. Here he (or she) is -- in all her (or his) foxy glory.

Do you think it's the same one I photographed in August? This one seems to have lighter coloring, but that could be seasonal, I suppose.

It seemed quite confident and not at all skittish, maybe because it could tell that Olga wasn't home. It even walked right up to the back door, with Dave and I sitting in the living room. (I didn't have my camera ready at that moment, sadly.)

It's a pretty healthy looking fox, with a nice bushy white-tipped tail and nice fur, and a penetrating gaze.

And there's our garden cam, fastened to the tree behind the fox, helpfully pointing in the wrong direction.

Work yesterday was non-eventful. Olga got picked up at about 7:30, so I got to work in time to attend our annual Thanksgiving assembly and then spent the rest of the morning shelving and organizing books. I found an unopened Cadbury's candy bar (chocolate and caramel) beneath one of the library couches and ate it for my midmorning snack. I'm not proud.

Then, in the afternoon I got an e-mail from the passive-aggressive dog boarder wanting to sell us a new harness for Olga. They said the old one is torn (and it is, mildly, on a purely ornamental part) and isn't strong enough for the dog. You may remember that this is part of what I hate about this boarder -- the woman who's in charge is constantly pushing us to buy stuff. So I said no, and they pretty much insisted, and I handed the matter over to Dave. It's still unresolved, but for now the harness is not on our bill. I couldn't help but laugh because when Olga got picked up in the morning, I thought I'd avoided dealing with her. And then she GOT ME ANYWAY!

I'll be coming to you tomorrow from Lisbon. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I think it is a different fox to the August number - the face is not the same.

    I would have eaten the chocolate bar but then I have no shame about chocolate.

    The Matron of the Dog Hostel is a proper pain in the backside.

    And, last but not least, I don't have to ask about Thanksgiving celebrations in a British School. Yes, I watched the Tashelhait video again, listened carefully and read the labels on the food items. Got it, at last....

    Ms Soup

  2. Foxy Fox has got scary eyes. You should tell him where the dog woman lives! Have a lovely time in Lisbon Steve!

  3. Gorgeous photos of the fox! The eyes are very, very intense. Funny business with the dog boarder people. I can see how that gets very annoying very quickly.

  4. Good job on the photos of the fox. And just tell the boarder next time that you would appreciate if she would stop trying to sell you stuff, that if you see something you like or want, you will buy it without prompting. And have fun in Lisbon.

  5. Beautiful pictures! To me, the fox looks the same. But I know nothing about foxes except that they can climb trees.
    Oh! Have such fun in Lisbon! I can't wait to see the pictures!

  6. I'd have been sorely tempted by the unopened chocolate bar, too. But then, I'm trying to lose weight, so that would have tipped the scales, so to speak, against eating it :)

    Great pictures of the fox!