Monday, July 4, 2016

Mud and Beetle

Olga and I went back to the Heath again yesterday -- I'm trying to give her lots of walking time since I'll be away for two weeks beginning tomorrow. (Dave is an excellent dog parent but he doesn't much like walking Olga -- he's of the firm opinion that she gets enough exercise romping around in the back garden. So she's unlikely to see the Heath again until I return.)

She found this tiny mud puddle in the middle of the forest and made the most of it. One good thing about walking her in the summer -- we can bathe her afterwards with the garden hose, which is much easier than putting her in the tub!

Here's one more picture for the "Small World" collection -- a shiny green beetle on some thistle, which we found yesterday. I believe this is a rose chafer beetle.

Dave spent yesterday in the garden, moving around some plants and putting a few new ones in the ground. He dug up the lupines, which you may remember were proving way too tempting to the snails, and put them in a pot -- we think we can defend them better that way. You should see how sad they look once removed from the surrounding foliage. They're just ravaged sticks!


  1. Olga looks so happy rolling on her back...Have a safe trip and best to your family.

  2. Hope you're packing linen and cotton. God, it is hot.
    I love that beetle. What an exquisite color!

  3. I had to check Wikipedia to see whether your lupines are the same as our lupins, and yep, they are. In our province they are considered an annoying weed because they grow everywhere! But I've always loved them. Around this time of year they grow in masses in the fields around our highway interchanges and they are stunningly beautiful.

    Love the Olga. And that you are so accepting of her doggy ways.

    Glad to hear Dave can get out and garden. That's a good sign on the recovery front. Have a good trip.

  4. Knowing how hard it was to bathe my two dogs when I had them, I cringe every time I see Olga rolling in the mud. You really are the best dog parent.

  5. Beetles are so disneyish me thinks