Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Avocado Haircut

When I cancelled Olga's dog walkers during our vacation, I deliberately didn't reschedule them right away upon her return home. I thought it would be good to have a day to walk her ourselves. So Dave and I took her to the cemetery yesterday.

We saw this gigantic bug on a thistle. At first I thought it was a hornet, but I think it's actually a type of hoverfly that mimics a hornet. I didn't get close enough to find out for sure!

Olga, as you can see, didn't have fun at all. Doesn't she look glum? Ha!

A lurcher named Stan somehow got ahold of Olga's tennis ball, and she didn't quite know what to do. She ran after him barking plaintively and uncertainly, and you could just hear the small child in her saying, "Give it BACK!"

Dave said, "I don't think that's ever happened before!" And I think he's right.

When we got home, Dave and I decided to prune our living room avocado tree. We've been debating it for months because it's become a bit leggy, and basically grown as big as its corner will allow.

We didn't want to take too much off, and this is the result -- hopefully just "a little off the top" will encourage bushier growth and make it easier for us to get out the back door!

We've caught three more mice -- one yesterday and two this morning. Sigh.


e said...

Olga is smiling!!

Elizabeth said...

Olga's face is hilarious -- that dog! I'm sure ya'll were happy to be reunited after your trip away -- I know I need to scroll down and catch up on your travels. I saw some of it on FB but look forward to reading more!

Frances said...

Did you grow your tree from an avocado stone? I sat one in water for months a while ago but absolutely nothing happened and I ended up chucking it out! ( I did have success with one many years ago ! )

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Do you eat the mice? I know there's not a lot of meat on them but mouse meat is said to be delicious if a little gamey.

Ms. Moon said...

Olga's pure joy travels all the way across the pond and into my heart.
That avocado tree is amazing! You might have to cut it back harder. I have a feeling it will survive.
Good Lord! on the mice. How many ARE there?

ellen abbott said...

my sister grows avocado trees. she planted one in Galveston when she was living down there back when we weren't having winter. it got fairly big, at least as big or bigger than yours but then the inevitable winter came and it died. Olga does look happy to be home.

Red said...

I like the big plants which outgrow the premises. I like defenbachias. ( I don't think I have the correct spelling here.

Sharon said...

That avocado tree looks very healthy! And, I agree with "e", Olga is smiling and big happy grin. I'm not sure what to tell you about the mice.

robin andrea said...

Olga looks happy, and the avocado tree looks pleased with its new cut. I haven't thought of planting an avocado seed in a very long time. I think I have just been inspired! Thank you.

Catalyst said...

That avocado tree is amazing. I think I'll try planting one. Does it ever give any fruit? And how long have you had it? (An inquiring mind wants to know.)

Sharon said...

Steve, your comment on my site today made me laugh. I was going to say something about the iPhone and then decided I'd wait and see if anyone noticed it besides me! Thanks for the laugh.

Linda Sue said...

Olga wants to appease you, grinning so hard, maybe then you will not send her to high rent doggie jail again. She does well, though, bounces right back- my dog would have moped for months, and tried to smother me in my sleep. No forgiveness.
Farley Mowat ate mice, Never Cry Wolf, and it kept him alive, Just saying, you could cut back on your grocery bill.
I have tried unsuccessfully to sprout a tree from an avocado stone. You have a gift!

jenny_o said...

Love the Olga smile! She is so goofy :)

I don't envy you the mouse issue. If they're reproducing every three weeks that's a lot of mice. Maybe being away for vacation gave the numbers a chance to grow, which won't happen now that you're home. Maybe?

Steve Reed said...

E: She's a very smiley girl.

Elizabeth: Total strangers sometimes stop us and ask to photograph Olga because of that expressive face!

Frances: Yes! I started it from a seed about seven years ago, I think. I'll clarify its origins in an upcoming post because several people asked. It does take a while for the seeds to sprout -- as I recall, I started this one in dirt and after weeks of apparent inactivity I gave up on it, but when I pulled it out of the pot it had a little root protruding. So then I stuck it in water and off it went.


Ms Moon: We debated cutting it back more. It will no doubt need another trim in the future! The main thing is it can now fit into its corner of the living room.

Ellen: I really, really wish we could plant this tree outside, but there's just no way here. It gets too cold.

Red: We like big plants too! We don't have a dieffenbachia but I used to have one, so yeah, I know what you mean.

Sharon: I think we just have to let this mouse situation run its course. The iPhone was funny, wasn't it? To me it kind of makes the picture. "Modern cowboy"!

Robin: Yes, plant one! They DO make beautiful plants.

Catalyst: I planted it in 2011 or 2012, I can't remember. I'll clarify on the blog tomorrow. It's never given us fruit -- I think it's still too small.

Linda Sue: Olga is not a moper. She definitely lives in the moment, and at the moment, she's back home and loving it! I remember seeing Farley Mowat's character eating mice in the movie version of "Never Cry Wolf." Bleah!

Jenny-O: I think that's exactly what happened. They came around again when the house was empty and quiet.

Sabine said...

Reading your heading I thought for amoment that you got a haircut based on the avocado shape, like the famour 1980s pineapple haircuts of Rod Stewart etc. but then I looked at an avocado in my kitchen and - no, also your *full* head of hair etc.

Your rodent invasion needs attention, seriously.

37paddington said...

Happy Olga. I love her smile.