Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Lost Collar

I did take Olga to the Heath yesterday, as promised. I'm pretty sure we haven't been there since late June, which is crazy. Dave and I got busy with traveling over the summer, and I've also been concerned about Olga and her stiff back legs -- sometimes when we walk her a long way she has trouble getting up and moving around later. But she did fine on this walk and had a great time, and she didn't seem too stiff last night, so I don't think we need to rein in her activity much. We just need to check in with the vet about how to ease her aches and pains when needed.

The Heath is looking a bit autumnal, with the chestnut trees turning yellowish, their leaves browning at the edges.

There was time for a dip in the duckweed pond on Sandy Heath.

And then we had a bit of excitement when Olga lost her collar. I realized as we were walking across one of the football fields on Hampstead Heath Extension that her dog tags weren't jangling as usual -- because they were gone! I knew she had her collar when we crossed onto the extension, because I put her leash on to cross the road. So we retraced our steps along the paths, but found nothing. She races around in the woods as we walk, so -- losing hope -- I began peering into the underbrush every ten feet or so. By some miracle, I spied the collar on the bank of a dry ditch where she'd been chasing squirrels.

I was glad because she's had that collar since we got her in 2013, and the dog tags have my and Dave's contact information on them. I'd rather not have them just roaming around out there.

In other news, the mystery bud in our garden does indeed appear to be a miniature sunflower, probably planted by birds or squirrels from the birdseed we put out. I've got to go get some more birdseed today, in fact. Those birds can really put it away!


crafty cat corner said...

I was getting worried reading this about how you would get her home without the collar and lead. I remember when the cats were small we bought collars for them all and one by one they lost them all, in the end we didn't bother. They don't go very far now, only out into the garden and back alley.
Loving the sunflower, your garden sure has loads of different flowers.
Have a good Bank Holiday Steve.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

It's amazing you found the collar. Perhaps the expression "needle in a haystack" should now be changed to "collar on a heath".

Ms. Moon said...

Definitely a small miracle you found that collar.

Sharon said...

You really are lucky to have found the collar! I can't believe you are seeing leaves start to turn already.

Linda Sue said...

The duck weed pond looks like an art installation. Lucky about the collar and tags, whew! Sorry that Olga is getting a hitch in her get along, I feel her pain.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the heath again and Olga playing there. Good you found that color, very fine detective work there. And beautiful sunflower!

Red said...

So if we look hard enough we will find something. Too bad Olga couldn't come to you and say, "Look I lost my collar."

37paddington said...

Olga in the green pond...

ellen abbott said...

how on earth did she manage to get it off? Minnie is on her third collar. the first two she somehow managed to chew the buckle. sunflowers come in all sizes. I get a lot growing under the bird feeder when I have it out but the squirrels seem to eat more of it than the birds.

Catalyst said...

Olga must have felt wonderful for a time without that constriction and the constant jangle, jangle, jangle as she ran about!

Colette said...

Look how happy Olga appears to be in the first picture with the tree. She must know this place.

jenny_o said...

That was a lucky save, finding the collar! I wonder how it came off to start with. Good thing it wasn't while she was in the pond!

Speaking of the pond, it's such a lovely shade of green.

I think our plants have given up for this year. Maybe I need to buy some pre-potted fall flowers.

Alphie Soup said...

Look at Olga. In there with all the scum, looking for the outlet to drain the swamp...
While you think she's on the sofa sleeping, she's heard about this idea.

e said...

Wow, lucky to find that collar...She looks happy and you sound so. Home agrees with you.

Steve Reed said...

Briony: Exactly! I still had her lead, but I was worried about how to get her home with no collar to hook it to!

YP: I'm going with it!

Ms Moon: It really is. I couldn't believe it.

Sharon: Yeah, it's just barely starting to happen. Chestnuts turn before anything else.

Linda Sue: That pond always makes for great photography, with that flat monochromatic surface!

Robin: Yeah, she loves the Heath so much. I was glad to get her back there. I feel bad I've let so much time pass!

Red: I should train her to tell me if it falls off again! I'm sure she noticed it.

37P: She loves that pond, as disgusting as it is!

Ellen: I think I accidentally loosened it when I took her lead off after we crossed the street. That's all I can figure.

Catalyst: Yeah, I wonder whether she liked the freedom, or if it felt weird to her.

Colette: Yeah, she definitely knows that place! She is at home on the Heath like nowhere else.

Jenny-O: Yeah, chrysanthemums are always good in the fall!

Alphie: Ha! There is a LOT of swamp to drain. Speaking of which, regarding your comment on my previous post, don't be afraid to say whatever you want in your comments, political or otherwise. I promise you won't alienate me.

E: Yes, I think we're both in a good place!