Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Back Home Again

Well, I'm back in London safe and sound. I barely had a chance to set my bag down before Dave was excitedly giving me a tour of the garden, showing me what's happened in my absence. On the plus side, remember those cosmos seeds I planted in the spring? We finally have our first flower!

And our milk parsley, part of the wildflower garden, is blooming too.

On the minus side, the squirrels completely demolished one of the calendulas -- it was gnawed down to a raw stem sticking out of the ground. Who knows why those critters do what they do.

Here's Olga's reaction to my being home: "Play with me!"

Before I left Jacksonville yesterday, my brother and I made our obligatory pilgrimage to Waffle House. One of our waitresses -- her name was Jerkisha -- wore a sparkly rhinestone choker with her uniform, which gave my waffle a bit of blingy glamor. I appreciated that.

My flights were uneventful, except that the Danish men's flag football team was on my plane from Miami to Heathrow, having apparently won third place in an international tournament. They were carrying a huge trophy (apparently you can carry on a huge trophy, just FYI) and I must say they improved the scenery on the plane quite a bit.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

You need to get a couple of squirrel traps. I understand that in The Deep South squirrel is a popular delicacy. Was it on the menu at The Waffle House?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Havahart Live Animal Professional Style Rat and Squirrel Cage with 1-Door - £16.99 from Amazon

crafty cat corner said...

All I can say is that the marigold family must be very tasty, slugs and snails love them and now I know that squirrels also like a munch.

Ms. Moon said...

I bet you are so glad to be home.
You actually got a waffle at the Waffle House? That's something I've never done. I always get eggs and bacon and hashbrowns and raisin toast.
Give Olga a nice pat on the head from me.

Anonymous said...

that made for an interesting trip home,, Olga looks very happy to see you! The garden looks very inviting!

ellen abbott said...

glad you had some eye candy for the trip home. and yay you finally have some blooms in the wildflower garden.

robin andrea said...

Welcome home! Good to see the flowers and Olga. Enjoy these few days of summer before work resumes.

Linda Sue said...

So funny, Dave dragging you out to the garden immediately and Olga doing her favorite slobber kong welcome home, Pop! Glad you are back in the more sensible country where you belong. Sorry works starts so early.

Sharon said...

I'll bet you are glad to be home! I'm glad you had a scenic flight home!

37paddington said...

Welcome home! Beautiful flowers. Happy Olga. Happy Dave, too, I bet. You were missed!

jenny_o said...

That Mr. Pudding, always so helpful!

It's good to go away, it's good to come home. Even I, a determined homebody, know that, because to come home you have to go away first. It's always nice to get a warm welcome. I'm in withdrawal re Olga pictures, so thank you for that!

Catalyst said...

Just curious. Did you wear your new prison t-shirt on the airplane trip home? Now THAT would have added some class!

Alphie Soup said...

Those squirrels! It's a jungle out there!

Steve Reed said...

YP: But what would I do with them if I trapped them? I'm not about to eat a squirrel!

Briony: Yeah, we never put marigolds in the garden because of the slugs. I thought the calendula would survive because it's in a pot, but I hadn't counted on munchy rodents!

Ms Moon: It was an excellent waffle!

Laurie: Yes, Olga is definitely glad to have the pack together again.

Ellen: The comfrey in the wildflower garden bloomed too. But nothing we planted from seed ever grew. We bought the comfrey and the parsleys as small plants.

Robin: Home Sweet Home!

Linda Sue: Olga expresses happiness through the Kong!

Sharon: I am indeed.

37P: Happiness all around!

Jenny-O: Well, stick around. You'll get plenty of Olga pictures, I'm sure. :)

Catalyst: Ha! I did not. But maybe I should have. I could have had a row all to myself!

Alphie: Isn't it?!