Sunday, December 2, 2018


Thanks to those of you who commented on my post yesterday. I tried to really put it all out there, and I wrestled with whether it was TMI so I appreciate the warm reception. I was touched by your personal stories and the Fran Lebowitz quote that Sabine left, regarding the generation decimated by AIDS:

"You know who got AIDS first? The brilliant, witty, hot people. The people, quite frankly, who were getting laid a lot. That's the real tragedy of AIDS – it wiped out a generation of those people. If those people could come back now, they wouldn't believe who'd become stars in their stead."

Isn't that the truth.

Anyway, I've been hitting you with some pretty heavy stuff in the last few days, so let's talk about something lighter, shall we?

Yesterday I was walking Olga on the "trash path" along the railroad tracks and we came upon a plywood wall surrounding an unoccupied house under construction. The plywood had a hole in it, and this was the view inside. (I'm pretty sure this is the back garden of the house that collapsed several months ago, which is still under scaffolding on the street side.)

Not very exciting, right? Some rebar and old appliances. But then I looked at that big refrigerator, or whatever it is, and saw a green sticker attached to it:

It seems to be a little hand-painted image -- whimsical ants and a spot of jam, maybe? It was very hard to photograph, because I had to stick my arm through that rebar while trying not to drop my phone, Olga pulling on me all the while. There appears to be a signature at the bottom: www.seraphina. I couldn't find a web site that leads to a likely artist. leads to a landscape photographer (whose work is amazing, BTW) and doesn't go anywhere.

So who knows. A mystery!

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind here. Errands in the morning, like dog-walking and laundry, and then Dave and I went to meet some friends in a pub in Notting Hill. We had a leisurely lunch and then came home to get ready for last night's staff/faculty holiday party and trustees' reception, which was held in a posh space off Trafalgar Square. I got to wear the jacket!


  1. I've come late to yesterday's post topic; undaunted I'll commemt today.
    Dear Steve, what a deeply moving post, written with such openness and honesty.
    The advent of AIDS was a terrible time of fear, anxiety and the unknown, together with devastating loss.
    You lived your life the way you chose to best deal with the circumstances. While you may have regrets about how things might have been better or different, there is an upside.
    You're alive and well (and living in London) so all's well that ends well.
    How good is that?

  2. it was a scary and devastating epidemic and I'm glad you emerged unscthed. Pence had the nerve to comment on world AIDS day, a man who was responsible for the resurgence of the disease in Indiana and apparently couldn't even mention gay people in his speech.

  3. THE JACKET!!!
    Yay, Steve!
    The ant picture is pretty sweet. Oh god. No pun intended.
    Sounds like you're really having a social life these days. Good for you!

  4. now that was an amazing find,, leaves one full of questions, I didn't read your post yesterday but I will go do that now,,

  5. It looks like somebody roughly rolled clay and then baked it . My wife did the clay thing and drew a crude sailboat on it.

  6. That ant picture is really very cool. Nice find. So glad you had an opportunity to wear that jacket.
    The quote that Sabine left perfectly sums up the era. Sigh.

  7. I didn't see yesterday's post until today but, I left a message.
    that little painting is very unusual. I'm glad you got to wear that jacket.

  8. Did you wear the slim fitting black pants with the jacket? I do love that jacket, and the fact that you had a place to wear it.
    I didn't comment yesterday, because each start with the keyboard made me cry. Still does. You wrote wonderful words and I'm so glad you made it through unscathed.

  9. Yesterday's post was a moving and important one xx

  10. I love that jacket too. Seems so Las Vegas-y to me! Glad you wore it.

  11. That's such a terrific jacket; I'm glad you had another occasion to wear it!

  12. That jacket is gorgeous. I'm glad you got to wear it!