Saturday, February 9, 2019

iPhone Photo Parade

Until about a week ago, if even that, this was the window of a costume shop on my walk to work. They left their New Year's display up well past New Year's Day -- and the reindeer lingered more than a month after Christmas. I'm not sure what's up with the Pink Panther.

Of course, maybe they were waiting for the Lunar New Year, which came just last week. This sign was posted outside an Asian restaurant. (I guess calling it "Chinese" New Year is no longer the thing to do, because other cultures and nationalities celebrate it too?)

Someone is giving away these black boots, which were left sitting on a wall on my street. When the cold temperatures came, they were coated with a rime of ice. They're still out there, last I checked, and have been for about two weeks. Probably not fit for wearing at this point.

Someone sitting on this bench passed the time by stockpiling an arsenal of snowballs.

I love these tiny British cars that are so small you can back them into a parallel parking space.

This parrot-shaped mug inhabited the staff mailbox of one of the teachers at work last week.

My boss bought this dish soap for use at the sink in our office, and I was amused by the "cherry blossom and red petal" name. Even dish soap is fancy now! When I was a kid my mom used to buy a variety called, no kidding, "pink liquid." Not exactly as compelling.

(I wonder if this contains either cherry blossoms or red petals? Somehow I doubt it.)

Finally, these are doodles on a whiteboard in a conference room at work. Yesterday I tried to clean the board and I realized they're drawn with indelible marker. Argh! Anybody know how to get Sharpie off a whiteboard?


John Going Gently said...

I adore that photo of the mug

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Yes. I do know how to get indelible marker lines off a whiteboard. It's simple. Buy a new whiteboard.

Colette said...

The photo of the small car fitting in sideways made me laugh. Then I wanted one, just like it.

Ms. Moon said...

If that's not the cutest car in the world, I don't know what is.
I checked- my soup dispenser in my kitchen says, Kitchen Citrus Bliss.
As if.
When I was a child the only liquid soap that had been invented was that horrible tincture of green soap they used in school bathrooms which is what my skinned knees always got washed with after I'd fallen which was about weekly. I was so clumsy.

James and Brigitta said...

Here's what I found while googling: 'scribble over the permanent marker with whatever whiteboard marker have on hand. Wait 5 to 10 minutes and then use your whiteboard eraser or clean rag to wipe it', or, if that doesn't do it 'rub with rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or acetone'.

robin andrea said...

Love that car! It's just my size and style.

Allison said...

I have successfully used alcohol on ours when I picked up the wrong pen.

ellen abbott said...

no cherry blossoms or red petals but lots of artificial color and scent! ick. I use Ivory dish soap, uncolored and unscented. and if that little car hadn't left before the two cars on either side wanted to leave I bet those drivers were pissed. can't tell completely about the one in front but the one on the other side looks completely boxed in.

Catalyst said...

Great collection of photographs, Steve. Each one tells a story.

Sharon said...

I think I would have felt a sudden fright at finding the pink panther lurking in a dark doorway. When I first read those dates in the American order, I thought they were planning ahead and going to close for whole month to celebrate. Now I get it but it looks like they may have partied too hard and never came back. I love the leopard print on that tiny car. It makes it look more fierce than those tiny cars usually look. Inventive parking method too. And, what I love most about that soap bottle is that it says "waking up liquid". I use Dawn soap at home and they always have fancy scents available. I think I'm using lavender right now.

jenny_o said...

Great photos! All so different, but as Catalyst said, each one telling a story.

I knew rubbing alcohol would take regular whiteboard marker off, but now I'll know what to try with other markers.

Blondi Blathers said...

Steve, you always amaze me with your ability to see something worth a second look EVERY DAY. I love that about you! -Kate

t said...

isopropyl alcohol will take it off. In fact it works well when the white board gets all smudgy from the erasable pens.

Steve Reed said...

John: Isn't that a great mug? I want it!

YP: Ha! It may come to that, sadly.

Colette: They're hilarious little cars, and perfect for city driving on small streets with limited parking. I'm not sure how they'd fare in the wide-open spaces of America, though!

Ms Moon: I remember that green soap! UGH!

James and Brigitta: Yeah, I read that bit about writing over it with a dry-erase marker but I'm skeptical. The alcohol sounds like a good solution, though! I'm going to try it Monday!

Robin: Isn't it great? I think it's electric.

Allison: Excellent! Good to know!

Ellen: London drivers are masterful at extricating themselves from tight situations!

Catalyst: Thanks as always!

Sharon: I never thought about the fierceness factor of the leopard print. Maybe that's why it's so popular? (It comes in purple, too.) And yes, "washing up liquid" is what the British call dish soap.

Jenny-O: Yeah, this alcohol method sounds very promising!

Blondi: Thank you! I honestly do take at least one picture almost every day. There's always something weird going on!

T: Good to know! I'll report back after Monday!