Sunday, February 3, 2019

Snow Dog

Thursday night's snow has persisted into the weekend, at least in certain places. On the streets it's pretty much gone, but the back garden still has a patchy layer. I took Olga to Hampstead Heath yesterday and, as you can see, there was still plenty of snow there. It was a bit icy and crunchy, having melted and then refrozen, but it was a couple inches thick in places.

Olga loves snow. She runs along nipping it from the ground like she's enjoying the world's biggest (and blandest) popsicle.

She certainly blends in with a winter landscape. It's amazing that she doesn't get cold, but even with her short hair she seems completely unfazed. I guess dogs are pretty much built for cold weather.

In fact, she has a special winter skill:

Other than taking the dog out, I mostly just cleaned the house and took care of some chores. I read Lauren Groff's book "Florida," a collection of excellent short stories set in my home state, and last night Dave and I watched "Magnolia," one of my favorite movies. It's a very peculiar film, a real head-scratcher, particularly at the end -- and critics have been divided about it ever since it appeared in 1999. To me, it comes together beautifully and leaves us pondering exploitation, loneliness and torment as well as love, forgiveness and the miraculous.

I'm so glad everyone reacted positively to yesterday's post. I had doubts that anyone would find mid-century china patterns interesting (and this from a guy who once wrote about a box of staples). Glad I was wrong!


  1. Where are your gloves, man?
    Olga is a most talented dog. And adaptable, too.

  2. I always find it interesting how dogs on the run take many gulps of snow. They seem to be more energetic with snow.

  3. When I saw the title I thought you were going to be writing about white hot dogs - perhaps made from chicken breast or just frankfurters dyed white.

  4. When I was growing up in New Jersey we had a little cocker spaniel named Taffy. She was a very mellow and laid-back doggie. The only time she ran and rolled around outside was when it snowed. She loved it. As I got older watching her, I came to the conclusion that when Taffy saw the snow, she realized she had lived yet another year and celebrated with furry buoyancy!

  5. Olga does blend in quite well in that snowy landscape. as I recall when we got snow two years ago, Minnie was not at all impressed.

  6. I love that video of Olga in the snow. She just devours those snowballs. I remember when I had my two dogs, taking them up to the mountains in the winter to play in the snow. The very first time, they got out of the car and acted a bit puzzled but soon they were running and and kicking up snow in every direction.

  7. That's crazy how Olga munches up the snowballs! My fillings were aching just watching it - lol She seems like such a happy dog :)

  8. I find it amazing how Olga has trained you to make small, irregular balls and then to toss them to her. With football season coming to an end today, major league Spring Training will be starting soon. Get your arm ready, Steve.

  9. It wasn't until I moved to Maine that I found out how much dogs absolutely LOVE snow. It was astonishing to me! I have seen dogs in our frigid New England weather and even during snowstorms playing and rolling around in the snow while their patient owners shivered on the sidelines. It is a joy to watch them having so much fun. I am so glad Olga has gotten to experience the snow and loves it!

  10. Glad someone is out enjoying the snow! After below freezing temperatures for the highs for the last few days, it was in the 40s today and smelled like spring. I know it's just a tease and winter has more freezing temperatures and white stuff planned for us. I don't think any of my dogs prefer winter. Especially the short haired chihuahua whose little bony feet freeze so quickly!

  11. the video made me snort! Olga is such a doggie dog little pooch. So sorry I did not make it this last visit. too fast, went by like a thought.

  12. Olga - a source of joy when you need one!

  13. Ms Moon: I do have gloves, believe it or not. I just forget to wear them!

    Red: They do seem to love it!

    YP: Maybe topped with sauerkraut? Although that wouldn't really look very snowy.

    Robin: Ha! I doubt it was that cerebral, but then, I don't know Taffy. :)

    Ellen: I'm amazed how well Olga fits in, and seems to enjoy it!

    Sharon: I'm sure it's weird to them at first! But they do seem to take to it after a while. I think it must be invigorating!

    Jenny-O: She IS happiness personified! (Or dog-ified?)

    Catalyst: Olga is a much better catcher than I am a pitcher!

    John: "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK!"

    Joanne: It's surprising to me too! Of course, we're not as cold as New England.

    Sue: I'm sure in the long run they'd rather have more moderate temperatures!

    Linda Sue: Next time!

    Bug: Absolutely. I always roll my eyes at the thought of having to walk her, but then I wind up having the best time.