Friday, February 1, 2019

Winter Wonderland

We're having our first snowfall of the year, as you can see. It's coming down right now. I went outside and snapped these photos about 20 minutes ago.

I don't think it will be bad enough to give us a snow day, but it may make getting to work difficult for some people.

I haven't tried to walk the dog yet. I'm pretty sure she'll want no part of it.*

As for the fig, I never could get the fabric cloche to fit very well, so last night I just brought the whole thing inside. It's among the plants clustered around our back door. Better safe than sorry!

*Addendum, an hour later:

Olga loved her walk in the snow!


  1. We have had about the same amount of snow here in Harpenden. The dogs don't seem to mind it, though Alexi, the schnauzer, doesn't like it when he gets balls of ice forming on his leg fur !! My previous dog was short haired like Olga and didn't have that problem! I am scared of slipping over in it...not so good when one is " old" !

  2. Do you remember the fig tree someone gave Dad and me as a wedding gift? It lived in the living room for a couple of years.

  3. Awwww, I love that picture of Olga's feet prints in the snow.

  4. Is there part of you which is still a Florida boy who is in amazement at snow?
    Olga. That pretty lady of a dog. She's happy!
    Nice pictures, Steve. Thanks for sharing your snow.

  5. hopefully it will be a good snow and melt by the end of the day.

  6. Love seeing the snow there. It really makes everything so beautiful.

  7. That made me laugh! She looks like she is thoroughly enjoying the experience. The snow looks great. I hope your walk to work wasn't too slippery.

  8. So pretty! Especially since it's where you are & not where I am. Ha! I'm glad Olga enjoyed the snow.

  9. Dogs love snow. They like gulping mouths of snow as they run along.

  10. That last photo - what a great shot!! I'm glad Olga enjoyed it; that must have made it easier for you to sort of enjoy it too :)

  11. You can't ever tell about dogs. Now, cats - I don't think they would like snow.

  12. Frances: Be careful out there! It does get icy! Yeah, Olga doesn't accumulate snow hangers-on, fortunately.

    June: Yes! The ficus by the dining room table,right? I always loved that tree. Our fig is a different kind -- it will eventually produce fruit, supposedly, though it hasn't yet.

    Vivian: It's funny, I've tried to photograph her footprints before and I can never get a good shot. But this one really shows them off!

    Ms Moon: I always think back to that crazy winter of 1977 when it snowed in Tampa. Do you remember that?

    Ellen: As I write this (the next morning) it's mostly gone from paved streets, but there's still snow in our back garden.

    Robin: It does! I learned that lesson when I lived in NYC. Snow makes everything look so much better!

    Sharon: She had a great time! I was amazed!

    Bug: Yes, there's something to be said for seeing it from a distance. :)

    Red: Exactly! That's what Olga was doing. It cracked me up.

    John: Ha! The British just aren't prepared for snow the way North Americans are. We always laugh at how everything in London becomes paralyzed by even a light snowfall.

    Jenny-O: Absolutely. I got such a kick out of watching her.

    Catalyst: I remember reading a poem in school by May Swenson about a cat coping with snow. And through the magic of the Internet, here it is!