Friday, February 15, 2019

Vapor Trails

Yesterday morning when I walked Olga at sunrise these amazing vapor trails were snaking all over the sky. London always has dramatic vapor trails. I suppose it's because we're in the center of an air traffic hub, with at least five commercial airports and who knows how many smaller or military ones in the vicinity.

Today's our last school day before February Break -- we have all next week off. I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but Dave and I are going to Malta on Tuesday. I've always wanted to see Malta, and because it's relatively small I hope we can do it justice in a short visit. (We're only there three nights.) Olga will stay with Simone, who watched her over our Christmas holiday in Florida.

You will be glad to know I did get the indelible marker off the whiteboard at work. (I know these things probably keep you up at night.) I used commercial whiteboard cleaner and that worked fine. I thought no one had been able to get it clean, but the sad fact is I think no one had tried.

And just in case you'd like to see it:

Remember the ad I shot through the tube train door, the one I posted yesterday? Well, this is the whole thing. (It's still in the station after all, not removed as I erroneously said. I was looking at the wrong platform!)


  1. I remember the blue of the clear sky years ago when planes were grounded due to volcanic activity in Iceland... breathtaking..and also the silence when walking on the mountains by our village in South Wales...apart from the insects and birds.

  2. That ad is still creepy. What weirdo decided that was a good advertisement?!

  3. cool picture of the vapor trails. I never see sunrise though being a late riser.

  4. Preciosa Imagen. Un saludo desde Almería España

  5. I see vapor trails like that here every now and then. They really show up well at sunrise and sunset. I didn't recognize the ad at first. I guess I wasn't thinking of those scary eyes belonging to a woman. Purple Bricks?? Interesting name.

  6. I think the indelible marker on white boards is all too common . I happened in my day.

  7. I preferred the face looking through the tube's window.

  8. Very nice photo. I have a cousin who absolutely believes that vapor trails are proof of a government conspiracy. They call them "chemtrails." You may read about it here:
    Hank was friends with her on FB and when she posted something about that he immediately unfriended her. His believe that anyone who believes that shit is not someone he needs to waste any time on.
    He is probably right.

    That ad may be creepy and weird but hey- look! We're talking about it! So, it's successful. Right?

  9. That IS pretty sad that no one had even tried to clean the whiteboard! I guess it was one of those things that was everybody else's job :)

  10. Fun to see the follow up photo of the add, but I must admit I love the first one that was perfect timing.

    Enjoy your trip to Malta from what I have seen in documentaries it looks like a lovely place, the Queen even lived there with Prince Phillip before she became Queen.

  11. Excellent contrails. Lightbox would make short work of the slanted chimneys.
    Interesting to see the whole poster but I'm for your door version. I see her as an insect trapped in amber. She didn't obey the door sign and is now forever destined to travel the Underground; no wonder she's wearing that look on her face.
    I love it!
    Malta eh? Enjoy.

  12. GZ: Oh, I'd forgotten about that crazy time when all the transatlantic flights were grounded!

    Jennifer: Yeah, I don't get it either. I guess it caught our eye, which is all they care about, creepiness notwithstanding.

    Ellen: Good thing you don't work at a school!

    Trini: Hello! Thanks for visiting! (Gracias!)

    Sharon: Yeah, it's interesting to see the full image, isn't it? Not nearly as scary!

    Red: I'm sure it's a common mistake.

    Catalyst: I've tried to reshoot it a couple of times but the trains are always too full and someone's standing in front of the door. My shot may be as good as it gets!

    Ms Moon: I've heard of that wacky chemtrails theory. People will believe anything, honestly.

    Jenny-O: EXACTLY! I think no one saw it as their job, so it just never got done.

    Margo: I'd forgotten that about the Queen! Given Prince Philip's recent adventures it's timely that we're going! (Hopefully the Maltese are better drivers. LOL)

    Alphie: I actually tried leveling the picture in Lightroom but it took off too much of the photo's edge, which eliminated some of the sky. So I left it as is, since the sky is the whole point!

  13. Rather than "vapor trails", I prefer the more accurate term "contrails". I just love that word.

  14. Hi Steve I hope you both enjoy your break in Malta if ever you want to visit Birmingham or Coventry I would love to have Olga for a sleep over there is a Premier Inn just over the road from me.I have had a Staffie as I said before and have done lots of dog minding x Just a thought if ever you need it x I accept payment in dog cuddles only!

  15. Love the vapor trails in the sky. Very dramatic!