Friday, March 15, 2019

Haircut and Media Report

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk at work when a colleague came up behind me and said, "Did you get a haircut?"

Now, I basically have no hair. I am genetically bald on top (and have been since my early 20's) and I shave the rest of my head every two weeks or so. Although my Blogger profile photo is 13 years old -- it was taken during my 40th birthday trip to Key West with my friend Sue -- my hairline still looks just like that. So, needless to say, this was an odd question.

"Are you kidding?" I said to my colleague.

But he insists he wasn't. He said my hair looked different.

Maybe my stubble is getting grayer. That's a possibility.

I finally finished reading "The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle" yesterday. This was a head-spinner of a book. I wouldn't say it's good, exactly, but it's very imaginative and complex. It's a gothic murder mystery in a gloomy British great house, involving supernatural elements that allow the protagonist to travel back and forth along the timeline and inhabit the bodies of eight different odious characters, all witnesses. By the end you've got so much information to juggle from so many nefarious sources that you're basically overflowing. My overall impression is that the book is about 100 pages too long.

Next up: Barbara Kingsolver's newest, "Unsheltered."

When it comes to TV, Dave and I just finished watching "Catastrophe," which we loved. Every episode is laugh-out-loud hilarious. We've just started "Billions," which I haven't quite warmed to yet -- I'm not sure I can identify with the motivations of hedge-fund billionaires, but it has a promising cast so I'll keep you posted. And I'm torturing Dave with "Banana," a sister show to "Cucumber," which we've already finished -- both by the creator of "Queer as Folk." Dave is not a fan, but they're just one-season shows and I like them.

Aside from consuming media, I haven't been doing much of interest. Work-wise, March seems like a long grind, with not a lot special happening. I haven't been in a great mood. This morning, the wind is howling outside once again.

(Photo: A sticker on a lamppost near our tube station.)


  1. As a fellow baldie, I can empathise with you. Pictures taken 15 years ago still work in 2019. I long ago got over mourning my loss of hair (and I had lots and lots of very thick curly hair when I was in my 20s) and just went with the flow. I adopted the "skinhead" look very early on, which has the added advantage that you can "do" your own hair with electric hairclippers in the bathroom. Since I also cut my husband's hair (with a number 2 guard since he has more hair than me), the added advantage is that we save $40 (or more) every month.

  2. Your profile picture is thirteen years old? Time to update it buddy. There's no mileage in pretending you are thirteen years younger than you are. You are an elderly guy now - embrace it!

  3. after having a fairly warm and dry week, we're back to winter today and for the next several. I don't watch TV even though it is always on, the husband turns it on when he gets up and it stays on til he turns it off at night. I'm not even in the same room with it until evening. I don't watch because my hearing is aging, I can hear but no matter how loud it is I have a hard time understanding what they're saying.

  4. A harsh wind can make anyone grouchy.

  5. Stumbled upon BILLIONS last season because of the cast...never liked it . quit watching after about four episodes. Now HBO is no longer on our television (dish network). Consequently we only watch PBS. Nice that you would get a compliment on your new hair cut, or what ever that comment was.(?) and you know, I would rather be grumpy and wind blown in London than just about anywhere else!

  6. I wonder if some people see things totally differently from others.
    I haven't heard of the two shows you mentioned. I did start watching Designated Survivor a couple of weeks ago but I stopped. It seemed like one of those stories where you can't trust anyone in the government and since that is pretty much the way things are today, it was too difficult to watch. I get enough of that type of tension just watching the news.

  7. You just made me realize that my blogger profile pic is ten years old. Yikes! I think I'm even grayer now. The winds do have a way of blowing away the pleasure of most things.

  8. That is funny about the hair - could very well be what you said, as grey catches the light differently.

    March has been humdrum here as well. Unfortunately, my excitement tends to be of the medical-emergency-with-my-mom kind, so I'm thankful for the quiet days lately.

  9. I also haven't heard of the shows you mentioned. I've been watching "Silent Witness" on Amazon Prime - from the beginning. I'm on season 7 and I understand Amanda Burton was only on until season 8. Don't know if I'll like the series without her. I just love her accent! Pete watches (and naps through) old Bonanza and Walker Texas Ranger reruns in the evenings - and we've seen them all twice - so I just put the headphones on and watch whatever I want on the computer.

  10. David: I never mourned my hair much. I knew from a young age that I was destined to lose it -- pretty much all the men in my family are bald -- so I was prepared! And you're right, it saves a ton of trouble and money.

    YP: It's more a case of benign neglect than trying to look younger. I just haven't bothered to change it. It's close enough!

    Ellen: I have trouble hearing some dialogue too, for what it's worth!

    Catalyst: Indeed, as Raymond Chandler pointed out a few posts back!

    Linda Sue: Yeah, I'm not at all sure I'm going to warm to this show. But we'll see. I bought the first season, so we'll probably at least get through that.

    Sharon: I sort of liked Designated Survivor at the beginning, but it got stupid pretty quickly. You were right to get out!

    Robin: Ha! Time flies, right? I've just never bothered to alter mine. I think it still looks like me, more or less.

    Jenny-O: That's the only thing I could think of -- the gray factor! Hope there's not too much drama with your mom. :(

    Sue: I've never seen "Silent Witness." Maybe we'll check that out next. If it's on Amazon Prime, that's a big plus! I'm also a fan of old reruns. They're like comfort food.

  11. I loved Catastrophe, although I do think it starts out stronger that it becomes later one. But great characters and love the premise. Stick with Billions. It definitely gets better, even if it is about hedge fund billionaires. The acting is really top notch, especially when Asia Kate Dillon joins the cast as a kickass gender nonconforming financial genius. I'm so excited the new season is back this week.