Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Rescue Orchids

I often pass this cat, watching the world go by, as I walk to work. Cats are so easily entertained!

The 8th Graders had their book-unwrapping events this week. As I suspected, they didn't even notice my fancy wrapping job. I saw several of them tear into their packages without so much as a glance at the paper. But I knew when I was wrapping I was positioning those pictures mostly to entertain myself.

Today I have to go in a bit early and talk to the same classes about photography. I do this every year, and then the students set out into the city for a day to take pictures. This year they're going to Highgate Cemetery, so I've added lots of cemetery shots to my presentation. I've developed quite a little sideline in cemetery photography, thanks to my many cemetery walks with Olga! (Finding pictures without her in them was more of a challenge.)

Dave and I have given up on the TV show "Billions." The characters just seem so empty. I can't identify with people whose only goal in life is to squeeze money out of the financial market like it's a sponge. It's such a purposeless existence.

These are our rescue orchids -- both blooming at the moment. As you can see, one is a deep solid purple, and one pale pink. I pulled them out of trash cans here and there. Lots of people throw away their orchids when the blooms fade, but of course they'll bloom again with a little care, as these have done.

On the seedling front, I have three more honesty plants and another hollyhock coming up. Woo hoo!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Do you have the power of invisibility? I cannot see you in the top picture.

John Going Gently said...

the composition of cat against window is just perfect

Jennifer said...

Those rescue orchids are lovely! And the tortie in the window is a great photo.

jenny_o said...

Well, you entertained yourself AND us with the book wrapping! I hope the kids read more as a result of all that work :)

Love the cat-in-window picture. Like YP, I am puzzled that your reflection isn't showing!

Ms. Moon said...

I think that the cat is not entertaining herself. She is a certified watch cat and she is doing her job!
Your orchids are beautiful. One of mine may actually have buds on it. I always say that my rescue orchids never die but they never bloom either but this may be the year!
Are you going to go out with the kids to photograph at Highgate?

The Bug said...

I don't know why you worked so hard to find photos without Olga in them. They might encounter animals in the cemetery & they need to know how to photograph them :)

robin andrea said...

Love that kitty cat in the window photo. Your orchids are beautiful too.

Colette said...

Outstanding photos today! And bravo to you on the rescue orchids.

Red said...

Kids like special projects like photography and especially if it's taught by a non teacher. I once did a gold panning project. Our school caretaker taught it and we did go out gold panning and we did find some gold dust. I've never forgotten the activity.

ellen abbott said...

unbelievable that people just throw orchids away after they bloom. my sister has one or two that she gets to bloom. I may have to try an orchid.

Sharon said...

I think your readers enjoyed the book wrapping even if the kids didn't. I love the orchids. You are so good at rescuing plants. The picture of the cat is perfect.

Allison said...

I gave up on orchids years ago. They bloom, then they just sit there, taking up space. Never have I had one bloom again. I do like the black and white cat.

Catalyst said...

That's a lovely cat and the orchids are sensational. How nice that you rescued them.

Sue said...

I think someone could be inspired to write a good mystery with that photo of the cat. It is fantastic! Those reflections of the windows at odd angles and the shadows are just spooky enough.

Sabine said...

Ooooh for the orchids, what beauties!

As for the cat, she is watching you.

e said...

Beautiful orchids...

Steve Reed said...

YP: I am a very tricky photographer!

John: Thank you!

Jennifer: I've never heard the term "tortie" before. Cute.

Jenny-O: OK, so here's how I managed the reflection -- I stood very slightly off-center, to the side of the window. It was far enough away that this put it only barely askew in my picture, and then I straightened the perspective using photo editing software. Ta-da!

Ms Moon: No, I let the kids (and their teachers) go alone this time. I didn't want to take a day off my desk job! Sad, I know. I hope your orchid has buds!

Bug: Ha! i did leave one Olga photo in the presentation, so I could show them how to use reflections off highly shiny tombstones. :)

Robin: She's a very cute cat!

Colette: Thanks! :)

Red: That sounds like a COOL activity, especially for kids. And how great that you actually found some! I had no idea it was still possible to find gold that way. I guess I thought it had all been mined out by now.

Ellen: The secret is water once or twice a week, but very free drainage. They should never stand in water. Just imagine them growing in a tree in the jungle, and replicate those conditions!

Sharon: Yeah, at least I got a blog post (or two!) out of that wrapping project. :)

Allison: Hmmmm. I wonder if it has to do with how much light they're getting, or something like that? If you give them bright but indirect light (NOT direct sun) and douse the roots with water once a week or so -- and discard whatever drains out the bottom so they're not sitting in water -- they should do well.

Catalyst: I'm really glad to see them bloom, especially since I had no idea what they'd look like.

Sue: Ha! It DOES have a creepy air, doesn't it?

Sabine: She watches everyone passing on the street -- it's a busy street so there's lots of activity to entertain her. :)

E: Thanks!

37paddington said...

Beautiful orchids! Did you get to the part in Billions where the character of Taylor Mason shows up?. That's where it gets interesting.