Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Three Wise Monkeys

I am about to run out of bloggable photos. I've got to get out there and do more photography! I've been slack about carrying my camera recently but maybe this weekend I'll take a photo walk.

I took this shot while walking in Kilburn one morning several weeks ago. It's no big deal, but I liked the shadows from the railroad bridge across the front of the building. Only later did I notice...

...that someone is storing their beverages (and something else) on a windowsill. Maybe they stay cool there. It seems like they're in the sun, but who am I to argue?

Also visible are the "see/speak/hear no evil" monkeys on a lower window ledge. I got to wondering about the cultural roots of those monkeys. Turns out they come from Japanese art and folk imagery (possibly related, before that, to Chinese Buddhist proverbs). And they have names: Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru. Who knew?!

Not much else is going on around here. My upstairs neighbor and I are researching rubbish bin locks to fend off any more incursions by Mrs. Kravitz. I set up a book display yesterday for Women's History Month. It's Wednesday. Ho-hum.


  1. Were the three wise monkeys part of the building's fabric/architecture, or were they placed on a windowsill by one of the residents? And who knew indeed that they had names (not that I will ever remember them!)

  2. When I was a student I used to put all my perishables out on the window ledge
    Once I lost a whole chicken to the wind

  3. Yes. What is that next to the Corona Extra? To me it looks like kelp - gathered from some seashore or harbour. Kelp can be used in various tasty recipes but I prefer to eat mine raw - if it is fresh. Kelp is very good for blogstipation.

  4. Our bin is out on the street and is open for any other people's rubbish. We have a college just at the top of our road and the students use the bin for their junk. As its a cardboard etc bin I'm waiting for a letter telling me I'm putting the wrong things in it, lol

  5. I guess there are some perks to just taking our own trash to the dump. Wouldn't be a practical solution for you though.

  6. I'm glad to live in such a rural area - it would be so annoying to have to contend with people using our bins. When we lived in Xenia we kept them in the garage, so we didn't have issues there either. City life is complicated!

  7. Love those monkeys and knowing that they have names.

  8. I had no idea those monkeys had names. I love learning these little secrets.

  9. What IS that yellow droopy thing hanging off the ledge, anyway?!

  10. Like John, we students used our window ledge as a refrigerator in winter. Unlike John, we never lost anything to the wind! I'm still smiling over his comment.

  11. I did not know the monkeys had names!

  12. sometimes the well runs dry when it comes to topics.

  13. So I learned something today, those monkeys have names!

  14. Love your monkey info! My grandmother used to have a little set that she kept on her desk - one of my sisters must have it now. I'll have to ask. Last year when my Mom was in the hospital for a week, we kept creamer for our coffee and bottled water on the windowsill INSIDE the window. It was very poorly insulated!

  15. David: I'm sure they're later additions by a resident. I think if they were meant as part of the building design they'd be more centrally placed -- but that WOULD be a cool idea!

    John: Ha! I cannot imagine storing a chicken on a window ledge. I bet pigeons carried away your chicken!

    YP: Kelp is an interesting guess -- LOL! I thought it was a scarf of some kind, or maybe a bag?

    Briony: I think that would drive me crazy, too. I'm so careful to separate my trash that it really infuriates me to have someone mess it up with the wrong stuff. But at least in your case it's just passersby, and not methodical exploitation by your next-door neighbor!

    Ms Moon: Yeah, not really an option here! I'd have to take it all on the bus with me!

    Bug: Of all the annoyances of urban life, I never predicted this one. I guess before this flat I always used communal bins.

    Robin: Isn't that funny? Sometimes you can learn a lot just going to Wikipedia and reading about the background of something that seems very commonplace.

    Sharon: Me neither! And me too!

    Catalyst: What does that mean? I'm not up on my little Internet symbols, obviously. Are you surprised or speechless?

    Tara: I have no idea! I suppose it must contain something perishable? Maybe John Gray's chicken?

    Jenny-O: I still think something on legs carried off that chicken.

    Ellen: Learn something new every day, as they say!

    Red: Ha! Is it that obvious?! :)

    37P: There you go!

    Sue: INSIDE the hospital? That's pretty bad. I remember my mom saying her hospital room was drafty and freezing when she gave birth to me back in the '60s. You'd think temperature control would be imperative in a healing environment!