Sunday, November 3, 2019

Olga Goes to Piccadilly

Dave's birthday surprise turned out to be an outing with the dog. He found a pub in the Sheraton Grand hotel on Piccadilly, Smith & Whistle, where canines are welcome, so we piled into a hired car and got chauffeured there for a birthday lunch.

Olga was very excited, but also not quite sure what to make of a restaurant where she could sit on the banquette. She looked like she thought she might get in trouble. While we had cocktails, we bought her a special non-alcoholic "dogtail," described as a "blend of special brewed dog beer and fresh mint." Of course, she wouldn't touch it. She had a bowl of water instead.

We ate Chicken Kiev (which we shared with the dog) and took some pictures.

Olga, however, was looking wistfully outside, and Gordon, one of Dave's co-workers, texted him unexpectedly with a sudden need for a meeting to discuss work stuff. So Gordon joined Dave at the pub and I took Olga to Green Park, across the street.

She was much happier there!

Green Park is chock-full of squirrels, and because the visitors and tourists feed them, they're fat and lethargic and trusting. I was genuinely terrified that Olga was going to catch one and do it in right before the eyes of a squad of visiting toddlers.

Fortunately that didn't happen -- she's too slow even for fat squirrels -- but she had a great time chasing them and never got discouraged.

We passed by Buckingham Palace, where we waved a paw at the Queen's corgis.

Then we headed back to the restaurant to rejoin Dave and Gordon, who by then had ironed out whatever work issues needed ironing. We got on the tube and came home.

We spent the evening watching "The Day of the Triffids," a classic 1962 sci-fi movie that I had somehow never seen. I've long been curious about it because it's featured in the theme song from the "Rocky Horror Picture Show":

And I really got hot
When I saw Janette Scott
Fight a Triffid that spits poison and kills

I wouldn't say I got hot, but I was certainly entertained. Even Dave liked it, and as a rule, he hates old movies!


  1. I would love that park! I'm glad you had a nice day.

  2. Chasing squirrels sounds like lots of fun! I think I might try it myself. A good, "different" birthday surprise but Dave should have told his colleague to "f" off because it was your special birthday outing. And besides, what the hell was so urgent that it needed to be sorted out on a Saturday lunchtime? Had they been tasked with establishing a Kurdish homeland in northern Syria?

  3. What a beautiful birthday lunch! That was quite thoughtful of Dave to arrange it but quite thoughtless of the colleague.
    I feel all "harumph!" for you.
    But it did give you a good chance to ramble that pretty park with Olga so there is that.
    If I've ever seen that movie I've forgotten.

  4. Oh my, I love the idea that you could bring Olga to the restaurant with you and that they had a menu for her to order from. My Pogo would love that! That park is beautiful. How wonderful that you are that close to the Palace. I love the photos! I think this was a super nice birthday surprise. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. I love everything single thing about this post (except the coworker intrusion). What a nice idea for your birthday surprise! Sounds like Olga had a pretty good day, too.

  6. A fabulous birthday lunch! I loved the Day of the Triffids!

  7. those old sci-fy movies were great. I'm sure Olga was confused at the pub. whenever I take Minnie out with me to a dog friendly place and they give her a treat, she won't eat it then, not til she gets home.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration. I especially love the waving of paws at Buckingham Palace. I hope those corgis waved back.

  9. What a fun pub! Well, fun for you and Dave, Olga looks just a bit hesitant. However she was certainly in her element in Green Park. That sounds like a truly unique outing. I love the photo of Olga with the palace in the background. She looks very regal.

  10. Olga's face in that first picture! Priceless!

  11. Giving the squirrels some much needed exercise!!

  12. What a lovely idea for your birthday being able to include Olga, I love the photo where she looks wistfully out the window and seems to say " I don't know about you but all this high brow stuff is not for me, I'd rather be out there" I know my mind is working overtime.

  13. beware the Triffids, Your garden could become a sneaky scary place,
    What a beautiful Birthday you had. the photos are charming of course.

  14. Oh, how I love these shots of Olga! All the moods :)

    Love the waving at the Queen's corgis also :)

    That was a unique and thoughtful outing from Dave.

  15. That photo of Olga looking longingly out the window is so funny. Sounds like you had a great birthday. A tip of the hat to Dave.

  16. Olga is just adorable. I am glad you were able to fit in lots of fun activities for your special day.
    Now I am wildly curious as to Dave's occupation, but well aware it is a rude question, so I won't ask. I would rather imagine he is 007 and let it go at that. Also, I thought the Queen no longer has her dogs? I could be wrong.

  17. E: It's a great park, and right in the heart of Westminster near all the action!

    YP: Ha! It WAS a little sudden, but Dave asked me if it would be OK for Gordon to join us, and I said yes. I know how he gets obsessed when there's something going on with work that he can't get resolved. It was better to let them deal with it right away.

    Ms Moon: Well exactly -- Dave wasn't too keen on going to the park himself, so it gave him something to do while Olga and I had a ramble.

    Edna: Weirdly, though, they didn't have any dog food on the menu. Only drinks!

    Jennifer: It was very fun! And when Olga has fun, I have fun.

    RedPat: I was surprised at how good it is!

    Ellen: I think dogs always find an unfamiliar environment a little unsettling.

    Robin: Well, as someone pointed out below, apparently the Queen no longer has her corgis -- which we didn't know when we waved!

    Sharon: She's a princess, for sure.

    37P: "What am I doing here?"

    GZ: They would be much slimmer if Olga came around more often!

    Comox: I think that's EXACTLY what she was saying. With a bit of "I need a nap" thrown in.

    Linda Sue: I wouldn't be surprised if we had a few triffids out there, lurking in the underbrush. We do try to keep our Olga happy!

    Jenny-O: It was very fun and I'm so glad he wanted to include the dog.

    Catalyst: Yeah, she wanted outside in the worst way!

    Penelope: OK, I had to look it up about the Queen's corgis, and you're right! Apparently the last one died in 2018 and she's stopped breeding them because of her own advanced age. She still has two "dorgis," though -- corgi/dachshund cross breeds.
    Dave is a music teacher at a private school. I know it doesn't sound like something that would involve a last-minute work crisis, but you'd be surprised!

  18. What a wonderful Birthday surprise from Dave and sometimes work stuff just has to be dealt with, but that park is really awesome with some lazy fat squirrels to go with it.

    Buckingham Palace is just so majestic and so glad that Olga got a chance to greet the Queens Dorgi's.
    I read awhile back where she decided not to breed anymore Corgis when her last one died. Now she just has the 2 Dorgi's.

    I think and not sure if it is true or not but I think that I remembered hearing that Trump is the only President not to have a pet in the White House. Of course I am pleased by this news because if he cannot be nice to people just think of how he would treat a pet. Talk about kicking the dog!

    I think that it is neat that the restaurant had a drink menu for Olga. The photos of her are just awesome and yep she looked adorable while wistfully looking out the window. I guess she wasn't that impressed with the inside lol. Beth