Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Rayyan's Note

When Dave and I went to Piccadilly for our lunch outing with Olga on Saturday, our car passed this pub near Regent's Park. I liked all the bright, colorful flags, so I resolved to go back and get a picture.

Yesterday at lunch, I left work and made a quick tube run down to Baker Street (one stop) and walked to the pub. And of course, there was a friggin' delivery van parked right in front of it! I couldn't believe my bad luck. I went to get a sandwich and some soup in a nearby Pret a Manger, thinking maybe the van would be gone by the time I was done eating. But no.

So this is the best picture I could get. Fortunately, it's grown on me and now I kind of like it.

Otherwise, yesterday was pretty inconsequential. Olga wouldn't go on her morning walk, and it wasn't even raining. The ground was damp because it had rained, but if that's what was keeping her indoors she's being a little too prissy, in my humble opinion.

Speaking of walking Olga, on Saturday morning's walk, we found this note lying on the wet ground  in Billy Fury Way:

Of course what's ironic about this is that Rayyan also apparently lost the note. Presumably it was not taken by aliens, unless they dropped it in Billy Fury Way. (I didn't think to look around for his history book!)


lea said...

This is a comment on the Hops removal from the tree-good for you, those vines are incredibly thick and heavy. However, you do know that it will come back next year, right? We have Hops and they have trunks the size of your forearms, granted they are fairly old, but those vines will not be stopped! You may have an annual job nipping them in the bud so to say.

Steve Reed said...

Hi Lea -- yes, I assume I'll have to nip them off at ground level for the foreseeable future!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I wonder why Amin put an apostrophe in the first "alien's" but not in the second "aliens". If you are going to abuse apostrophes - at least be consistent in your abuse!...Billy Fury's Way was to love 'em and leave 'em but the question is really this: What is the Steve Reed Way?

Jennifer said...

George hates getting his feet wet, too. It must be a bulldog thing.

Ironic that Rayyan's note was found by a librarian!

Sabine said...

Is Rayyan possibly related to the boy with the long outstanding library returns? Or maybe it's a thing with teenage male hormones. He could go far though. Einstein was a lousy pupil too. Always losing his satchel.

Ms. Moon said...

Sorry for the trouble!
Love it. Love that note. Amin was obviously in a hurry and thus the apostrophe problem. She was probably trying to get Rayyan and three other children ready for school, fed, dressed, and with everything they needed for the day. I can just see Rayyan whining, "Mama, if I don't get another book I'm going to fail!"
My favorite part though is that she said, "I believe in my son."
That's the important part.

robin andrea said...

I like the photo with the delivery van. Whatever they're delivering adds interesting color.
That is the coolest note to find. I love it. Aliens!

Edna B said...

I love the photo of the pub. I think the van adds interesting color. As for aliens, I'm not really sure about them. Who knows, maybe there are some of them loitering around here. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Sharon said...

That note is priceless. I guess the aliens needed to brush up on our history before they take over. I love the photo. The pub is so English but the delivery truck with all those colorful crates adds to the interest.

Unknown said...

I'm on Rayyan's side on this one. Aliens will often discard notes but hang onto history books. It's a pervasive problem few folks like to talk about. I'll speak to them about this the next time I see them.

Steve, I'm not anonymous. I might be an alien but I'm certainly not anonymous. This bloody computer logs me on as an old fictitious name I made up for myself many years ago when I was trying my hand at fiction. Let the sound of the name battieassalewin identify who I am. In the blog world I'm AKA tomiejd@gmail.

Allison said...

I wonder what was in those crates. It looks like there was a lot of it.

e said...

Were those crates of ale or beer? That kid is soon going to find himself in some trouble one way or another...Sorry about the lost photo opp.

Catalyst said...

So are you saying *you* believe in aliens?

The Padre said...

Olga Girl, Pleased How You Rule The Nest These Days - Now, Demand An Extra Just Because Treat


jenny_o said...

Maybe Olga was stiff or sore from the outing on your birthday ... or because it was damp outside. Anecdotal evidence from many folks links damp, cool weather to arthritic pain. She's not a spring chicken anymore, or even a "late summer chicken" (lol) anymore!

I love the purple and yellow of that picture, to tell you the truth! It would be a completely different photo without them. Not saying better or worse, just different.

That note! Haha! And I think Amin is a male name, so this is a dad note. I can tell you my dad, or even my kids' dad, would never have written such a note, and I'm not sure how I feel about that :D

37paddington said...

That note is an awesome find for a librarian. Did you keep it? I think it's frame worthy.

Steve Reed said...

YP: I am a man of mystery.

Jennifer: And yet, Olga will wade without hesitation into a puddle or pond. There's something about rain that she just can't stand, but she loves standing water.

Sabine: Losing books definitely seems to be a teenage-boy thing, although teenage girls lose their fair share, too.

Ms Moon: I honestly barely noticed the apostrophe problem! She definitely gets points for composing such a clever note, when it could have been so bland.

Robin: They're delivering plastic packing crates. That's apparently the specialty of that company.

Edna: Ha! Aliens among us!

Sharon: I agree. I think having some activity in the shot adds something.

Tomiejd: Can you also ask those aliens to help us save humanity from President Trump?

Allison: They were empty at that moment. I think that company delivers the empties, people load them up with stuff, and then they pick them up and move or store them.

E: The delivery was actually to the building next door to the pub. I didn't even notice what kind of business it was!

Catalyst: I don't disbelieve in aliens, somewhere out there, but I don't think we've encountered any!

Padre: Don't worry, she routinely demands extra treats! Her favorite trick is to run into the backyard, do NOTHING, and come back to the house and ask for a prize.

Jenny-O: Now I didn't think about that! Maybe the weather DOES affect her joints. Hmmm...

37P: Ha! I do still have it. Maybe I should post it at work. :)

ellen abbott said...

they have resurfaced the road at the end of my street, the one Minnie and I would walk down for the long walk. the final layer it seems is large angular sharp gray gravel. I couldn't take her down it at all when it was still loose. it's been compacted down now by the car traffic so we tried it. made it halfway through the long walk when she finally just stopped and wouldn't go a step further. I took my sandal off and stepped on it barefoot. still pretty rough. I picked her up and carried her until we got to the smooth road.

Beth Reed said...

I love the photo. At first I couldn't tell if they were delivering something or picking something up but I read the comments and apparently they were just empty crates. I wondered also just what the Queen would have had delivered so now I know it was nothing. At least this time around from this place lol.

I am voting for the aliens on lost books haha.. I have not personally encountered any here where I live but it is possible,
A favorite teacher once told our class to never believe in the impossible until there is proof to prove otherwise. Great advice. I have seen some weird stuff in my 60 years lol.

I think that Olga needs a just because treat because sometimes a girl just wants to stay in and have a do nothing day. Right Olga?

Steve you have a great eye for capturing every day moments. You also have a great camera that takes awesome photos. All of your photos are great. Beth