Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Chichele Cow (and Goat)

The last time we walked through Cricklewood, Olga and I came across this building. It's now a Costa coffee shop -- part of a big chain, like Starbucks -- but surely it once was a butcher or meat market. The words say "Chichele Parade," the name of the building and the commercial strip on the ground floor. It's on the corner of Chichele Road.

I added this photo to my "Faces of Cricklewood" project gallery on Flickr. A goat's face counts, don't you think?

My off-the-cuff political analysis yesterday prompted one of you to ask if the election results change Dave's and my plans for staying here in the UK. The answer is no. I think it's going to mean more of the same, in terms of government -- after all, the Tories were in power already anyway. It's more like a missed opportunity to put the country on a better path than a divergence onto a worse one.

God only knows what drama and discomfort Brexit itself will bring. But I doubt it will get so bad that we'll have to leave. We have postponed applying for citizenship, because we wanted to see how the Brexit situation would shake out -- but we'll almost certainly move forward with that eventually.

Gwynneth from the blog "Ook?!" pointed me toward an excellent summation of the election results by a British guy now living in New Zealand. It's biting but basically true.

Anyway, election aside, life goes on around here. We got out of school at noon yesterday and we're now finished with kids until January. Dave and I have to go back on Monday and Tuesday for two days of professional development before our vacation truly begins.


  1. The goat definitely counts.
    Glad you followed the link. He writes well. And like most Kiwis, tells it straight.

  2. I'd put money on the goat being a sheep...

  3. Think of all the artists who used to be employed in the construction trade...
    Boy. Those days are over.

  4. The Who sang, "We Won't Get Fooled Again!" but on Thursday the British electorate proved otherwise. When the results came through I felt like jumping off Beachy Head - though Flamborough Head is closer. Johnson - The Anti-Santa - chanting his meaningless mantra till eternity - "Get Brexit Done...Get Brexit Done...Get Brexit Done..." Forever and ever. Amen.

  5. I love finding buildings with this type of artwork. It's just not done anymore.

  6. You're right. When the dust settles on this election, things will be much the same.

  7. I enjoyed reading that article from New Zealand. Interesting perspective. His description of what happened in England is very much like what is happening here. I fear the results of 2020 here and what will become of us and our beautiful earth.

  8. Being a newcomer to your blog, I don't know the reasons you and Dave moved to the UK, but it will be interesting to get your take on the actual consequences of Brexit. One reads all sorts of things about how it will affect the economy (and what about Northern Ireland?)and people's employment. Loved the piece linked here. I tend to agree with his assessment, but what do I know?

  9. Will Scotland choose independence, do you think?

  10. Glad you plan to stay in England. It's always good to stay in touch with the "old country".

  11. I'm voting for sheep rather than goat, like Alphie Soup.

    Bet you thought I was getting political there for a second :D

  12. Those are magnificant stone carvings on the building. Perhaps they were done when many could not read but would have no problem understanding what the building's business was.

  13. GZ: He does write well. I admire how direct he is!

    Alphie: Oh, yeah, of course it's a sheep. How did I not know that?!

    Ellen: Yes, there's a lot of ornamentation. Many of the buildings came from a time when more was considered better!

    Ms Moon: And the expense! We never see ornamentation on modern buildings partly because it would be so expensive.

    YP: Sad but true. I don't think it's as dire as all that, though. It's just more of the same that the country's been experiencing ever since the 2008 financial collapse -- a slow swing to the right. And Johnson, as odious and mendacious as he is, is not Trump, who is several degrees lower on the intolerability spectrum.

    Sharon: It IS nice, isn't it? I love the artistry.

    Red: I think so. I think we'll see very little change, day to day.

    Robin: Oh, Lord. 2020! I just can't think about it yet.

    Tara: Welcome! We moved here for Dave's job -- he got a position in the school that eventually hired me as well. I'll definitely keep you all posted on any changes. Believe me, I'm curious to see what will happen, too!

    37P: I think if they're permitted to hold a second referendum, then yes, they'll almost certainly vote to leave. It was fairly close last time, and Brexit will push them over the edge. The question is, will Parliament permit the Scots to have another referendum, and will Parliament honor the result? I have some English friends who say it will never happen.

    Catalyst: Even though we disagree with the political climate, it's become our home! (And we certainly disagree with the political climate in the states too, so it's not like that would be a refuge.)

    Jenny-O: Yeah, she's right. Duh!

    Penelope: Good point! Cricklewood also has a lot of immigrants, and I suspect that was always true -- so it communicated to people who spoke other languages as well.

  14. I love the cow and goat. These old buildings are beautiful. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.