Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Wonders Big and Small

When Olga and I came down the front steps yesterday for our morning walk, we were greeted by this sky. I turned right around to get the camera, much to the consternation of the dog, who refused to climb the steps again. It's like she was saying, "Hey! I thought we were going for a walk?!"

I snapped a few photos, put the camera back in the house and we continued on our way. Down the street we passed another guy who was digging out his iPhone for some shots of his own.

"What a morning!" he said. I told him I'd just been taking pictures myself.

Yesterday evening, I finally put our Christmas lights on the avocado tree. It was a surprisingly awkward process. Christmas lights really aren't made for trees with big leafy branches.

You can barely see Olga in the shadows on the couch, looking quizzically at the camera.

And just to prove that I really will blog about anything, check out this little piece of plastic confetti I found in the library. I've seen plenty of star-shaped confetti, but never a piece etched with more little iridescent stars. To us, in the modern world, it's pretty mundane, but wouldn't our ancestors have found it amazing?

Easily amused, I know.


  1. What a beautiful sky, and such a pretty little bit of plastic!

  2. Hell! You have got massive hands Steve! I held my hand up against yours and your thumb was about three times as big as mine! You must have big problems finding gloves that fit but I guess your hands would be helpful when paddling a kayak. No need for oars.

    It's a good point you make about the confetti star.

  3. Against this morning sunrise the trees look like giant cactus with fearsome spines on each branch.

  4. That's a beautiful photo of the sky. The trees look awesome against it. I take photos of just about anything too. I think it's fun. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. It seems about every second time I go out the front door to walk Mamie I forget something and she has the same reaction.
    Looks like your library is a happenin' place, what with all the confetti being tossed around!

  6. Gorgeous sky! I kind of miss seeing that type of sky here in NC - too hilly. Now in Ohio...

    I love the little confetti star!

  7. I agree with Alphie- that shot of the sunrise looks as if it were taken in the desert.
    You are perfectly correct about that little piece of confetti. It's an entire universe right there.

  8. Gorgeous sunrise. I almost stopped to take a picture of our sunrise this morning but it was fading too fast. That tiny little star is amazing. It would be mind boggling to someone from the past. Some might think it had magical properties.

  9. stunning sunrise! something I rarely see. not because we don't have good one here but because I am rarely up early enough to see them.

    Minnie does that too when we get out the door but I want to go back in for a hat or something. you'd be surprised by how hard a 12 pound dog can dig in.


  11. Avocado Tree In Lights, Classic!! Olga Crashed Out On The Couch, Too Funny!! That Tiny Star, Like Way Cool

    Life Is Good
    P.S. Thanx For The Sunrise Photo

  12. Beautiful skies there. We had a sunrise here this morning that looked very much like that. I love the video of the iridescent stars on the star. Very cool. Your avocado Christmas tree is lovely.

  13. I'd be very careful of that little star. I suspect it contains a microdot that is sending knowledge of you and your library back to its creator and planter in Russia. Or was it Ukraine.

  14. Such a beautiful photo of that sky and bare trees. I love the starkness of the trees when the leaves have fallen, and those ones are very interesting in shape.

    Yep, that star would have you accused of witchcraft not too many years ago! lol

  15. Wonderful photo! I really like MrMBB333 on youtube for all the astounding sky phenomenon going on at the present time. You might enjoy checking him out but also submitting your photos. People send him photos and videos from all over the world. Beautiful and scary at the same time.
    The little star is interesting. I have some sequins that are like that. I do wonder how they do it.