Tuesday, December 31, 2019

King's Road

It's 7:15 a.m. and black as night outside. I'm continually surprised by how dark it is here in the winter -- particularly after returning from sunny North Africa.

We did have sunshine yesterday, though, and even though I already have a ridiculous number of pictures to edit from my trip, I decided to take a walk through Chelsea. I needed some new London photos for the ol' blog, and after sitting on airplanes and in airports all day Sunday, I also needed some exercise.

I started at Victoria Station and walked west through Belgravia and down the King's Road, an epicenter of Swinging London in the '60s. It's not all that swinging now -- more gentrified than anything else -- but it was a good walk. I chuckled as I passed the Saatchi Gallery, which is hosting an exhibit of relics from King Tut's tomb. Egypt is following me around!

Olga came home yesterday as expected. She arrived in the morning and after a few minutes of racing around and reuniting herself with her Kong toy, she immediately went to bed. (OUR bed!) I think she's always a little stressed when she's away from home, and it's probably such a relief to her to be back in her environment. She slept all day and she's sleeping now.

Unfortunately, her pink blanet did not come home. Simone forgot it. When I asked about it, she rolled her eyes and said, "From now on, no pink blanket!" I guess most people don't send a blanket with their boarding dogs. I seem to remember Simone almost forgot it last time, too. She's going to deliver it today -- and yeah, from now on, it stays home.

As you can see above, I did get some laundry done. As I was going through pockets I found this:

So we have an accidental souvenir. (It's not worth much -- about 48 British pence or 62 American cents.) I'm glad it wasn't a big bill, but of course, I'd have been less likely to lose one of those.


  1. Big Bill? Was he the guy before Dave came along?

  2. The joys of being home- for you and Dave and for Olga too!
    I always have a few pesos in my wallet. One never knows when one might be transported to Mexico and have a need for a beer and a taco.
    Egypt IS obviously following you around. How cool and mystical.

  3. Olga, What Can We Say - Dig The Souvenir - Many Thanx For Checking Out The Egypt Photos - Much Appreciated

    P.S. Good On Ya For Getting Out & About

  4. I came back from my last visit over the Pond (January) with almost £50 (British) in my purse. Gives me a good excuse to come back. Which I will. In about 12 days. A method to my madness.

  5. Always good to be home after a faraway trip. Olga must be so happy to have her people back and to be sleeping in her own bed (you may think it's your bed, but Olga knows better!). It's 7:02 am here on the California north coast as I type this. Still dark, but with hints of light low in the eastern skies.

  6. Now the sign attracted my attention and it took a good look to see what was going on.

  7. That sounds like my kind of walk around London! It's good to see Olga back in her own home (if not her own bed). I needed a walk yesterday too but, I ended up walking in the mall because it was too cold (by desert standards) to be outside. It's been colder here than in Chicago and New York for the last few days.
    I've never seen a sign split the "S" in a word before!

  8. I brought home a bill or two from my travels too. It's a nice little reminder of the fun we had. Olga looks so glad to be home and on her own bed. Yup, our fur babies do tend to take over our beds and favorite blankets. Maybe you can send a new little blanket each year that can stay with the caretaker. If one cannot be home in their own bed, a blanket is a must. Pogo and I wish you, Dave and Olga a very Happy New Year. Hugs, Edna B.

  9. Welcome home to ALL of you and Happy New Year.

  10. Egypt has beautiful money! Glad you are back in the dark and gloom of winter, we share the same weather pretty much. We have been forsaken by the sun god today- dark all day. Olga looks like she has her house back in order, no worries.

  11. It's good to see Olga again, especially with that sploot going on :D

    Sounds like your trip truly energized you, which is the opposite of what travel does to me, lol

    Happy New Year to you, Dave and Olga!