Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Sour Cherry

Olga and I walked up to Fortune Green yesterday, where we checked out the Christmas tree. It's nice, but like last year, it's surrounded by rather unsightly barriers. This seems a little extreme -- health and safety run amok -- but what do I know?

We also gave Olga half a scone yesterday morning. It was made with dried fruit, and I expected her to wolf it down -- and she did, except for a single sour cherry that she just could not bring herself to swallow. She'd spit it out, look at it, pick it up and bite it a few times, spit it out again. It was really funny to watch. I eventually threw it out the back door, much to her relief.

In general, Olga doesn't like pickled things, anything extremely spicy or anything lemony. I guess the sour cherry fell somewhere on that spectrum.

I've photographed this car before, but I liked the color-coordinated election sign. Too little too late, but oh well.

Otherwise, yesterday was pretty quiet. I stayed home most of the day, did laundry and vacuumed. I also made good progress in "David Copperfield," which I'm really enjoying. It's essentially a soap opera, but Dickens paints a vivid portrait of life in his time, and he is a master of character creation. I'd like to finish it before we leave for Egypt (in a week!) because it's a big ol' hardback book and I'd rather not schlep it up the Nile.

Oh, and about yesterday's post -- yes, of course, that second animal is a sheep. I don't readily know my sheep from my goats, at least not when they're carved in stone.


  1. I hope you finish it before you go and enjoy the trip...

  2. When cruising up the Nile, I suggest that you avoid reading Agatha Christie's "Death on the Nile".

  3. A video of Olga and the cherry would have been good. Hope you enjoy your break.

  4. E-readers are the best for vacation, I guess. Cuts down on luggage weight for sure.
    I can't believe you're going to Egypt. Some other friends of mine are in Mexico City right now and soaking in the culture there.
    Anyway, Olga has her likes and dislikes, just as we all do. Sour cherries- not so much. And that's okay.

  5. Olga looks like she's saying "what's up with this fence". Sailing down the Nile, that sounds so exotic.....and wonderful.

  6. A fence around a Christmas tree just seems antithetical to the season, but what do I know? I've never had a Christmas tree. Wow, in a week you'll be in Egypt. That's going to be quite the adventure.

  7. Yes the car is distinctive. What an odd color for a car.

  8. I did not realize that it was a sheep either! Wow, just a week away from your trip to Egypt. I hope you two have a wonderful trip. It's so good to see "Merry Christmas" as a greeting. I never stopped using it. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  9. so, is that tree decorated? hard to tell from the photo. and whose health and safety are they protecting with the fence? I mean, how dangerous can a christmas tree be. as if that fence would really stop any determined vandal. the fence itself seems to be a statement but I'm not sure what.

  10. Olga's excellent taste buds reminded me of one of our cats who would pick odd items out of the cat food (yes, there is all sorts in the canned stuff) and spend the best part of the day pushing it back and forth across the litchen floor until we were able to get it out of her claws. Usually a minute piece of bone (??) or rubber (???).

    Would nobody decorate that fence at least?

  11. I think we need to have my car painted orange - it's a light gold colour and it's received so many dents and scratches and downright damage from people in parking lots that we've taken to calling it the invisible car. Orange would NOT be invisible :)

    I wonder why Olga kept on trying the cherry. Dogs do seem eternally optimistic. And wouldn't that be one reason we love them? :)

  12. Olga seems to be looking back at you as if she's asking, "Why is that tree fenced off and what the hell does that banner say?"