Friday, October 9, 2020

Beethoven and the Salad Stem

I was walking past this cleaner's yesterday and noticed they have a bust of Beethoven (I think?) in the window. I guess that makes some sense, since it's across the street from the offices of the English National Opera. (Beethoven apparently wrote just one opera: "Fidelio." And no, I did not know that off the top of my head. Thank you, Google.)

Anyway, it kind of reminds me of Schroeder.

I was just reading that Trump has gone on a tirade against people in his inner circle for not sufficiently abusing the power of their offices to persecute his enemies. Specifically, he wants federal charges against Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton. Apparently the steroid he's taking for his Covid infection can have psychoactive properties, making people feel manic and invincible -- so we have an even crazier president than usual!

Remember when everyone thought Richard Nixon's behavior was paranoid and inexcusable? Trump makes Nixon look like Calvin Coolidge.

I've spent the last few days in the library combing through our patrons in our computer system and deleting people who have left the school. Yes, I did this already several weeks ago. But my boss got a spreadsheet of all our patrons and we discovered still more people who are long gone but have never been taken out of the computer. Sometimes when people leave in the middle of the year I don't get notified, and the Lower School (which has a separate but connected library system) hasn't been as careful to remove departed patrons over the years. So I'm playing catch-up. Fortunately I like projects like this -- they appeal to my sense of order.

Last Friday I was eating lunch when I came across a stem with roots still attached in my boxed salad. After my boss and I laughed about how gross it was, she suggested I put it in some water to see if it would grow. So this is the result. We don't know what it's going to become, but it's already put out lots of new roots and even some leaves. It's probably a lettuce or arugula of some kind, but I suppose it could be a dandelion. Maybe I need to pot it.

Oh, and I had my flu shot -- I got one free at work. I don't always get it, but I figured this is definitely not the year to skip it. At least the flu is one illness I hopefully won't need to worry about.


Ursula said...

Nothing like being given another chance (be you plant, animal or human).

If love for Beethoven is a qualifier then I too am a Schroeder. This is what happens not only when you grow up in a household playing Mozart, Beethoven et al all the time, but also when your father would sit your nine year old self down (on a Sunday afternoon) and make you LISTEN to a whole symphony. Come to think of it I know all nine symphonies of Beethoven, not to mention piano sonatas, violin concertos, INSIDE OUT, by heart; I don't need to physically play them any longer. They are anchored in my head. Which is of great comfort should I ever find myself on a desert island without a sound system. Mind you, the same goes for Steppenwolf, ACDC, you name them, yes, you too Lemmy (Motorhead).
For someone who doesn't play an instrument my memory for music is phenomenal. Maybe of interest only to me, I sometimes wonder why I cherish silence and quiet so much (by which I mean NO music playing in my earshot, particularly not when working); though will always stand to attention (yes, Stockhausen, you too - don't ask) if someone else wants me to listen to something. In that respect the Angel is an education who has widened my scope immensely. He too, like his grandfather before him, will sit me down. Though, of course, nowadays, rather than looking into the middle distance, a lot of music is cemented visually (video) too.

Yes, so to exhaust you completely though you do come across as rather patient, Beethoven's other claim to fame is that my great grandfather did one of the more well known depictions of Beethoven's Death Mask.

And don't forget that Beethoven's (using Schiller's words) symphony No 9, last movement, "Ode to Joy" has not only become an earworm so well recognized it is, but also the Anthem of the EU. Oh the irony, Steve: Alle Menschen sind Brueder (all humans are brothers). Unless you are the difficult middle child (Britain), obnoxious.

I won't say sorry for the outpouring (other than to John - who declines to be my "brother" which is a fine example of how the human peace project has no chance in hell).

Oh yes, and before I sign off, just remembered that the first concert I went to was Beethoven's Missa Solemnis. Hamburg. I was ten/eleven or so. Friends of my parents (I won't name drop though tempting) had invited and accompanied me. That concert, one of the seminal moments of my life. Like standing in a forest, among ancient trees - and looking UP.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Deleting people? Isn't that something that the Nazis did in World War II? Just pressing a button and making someone disappear - I can see how that might appeal to you Steve!

(Sorry. It's my "peculiar" sense of humour emerging again)

gz said...

I like Schroeder..and Beethoven.

I would love the paperwork side of the library..putting things in order, books too.
Not sure what that says..order in chaos?

Looking forward in anticipation to see what the plant is.

Ms. Moon said...

I am not familiar with what that little greenie is but it's probably some sort of lettuce. Or salad green, anyway. Might indeed be a dandelion! It does have that toothy leaf. Not an arugula, I think.
I'd enjoy ridding the computer of former students' names too. I find great satisfaction in weeding out old photos from my phone I don't want. Actually, literally weeding in the garden brings me joy if it's not too hot and buggy.
Sure wish Ursula would go ahead and drop those names! I'll be wondering about that all day long!

Sharon said...

There is something different about that Beethoven bust. It is more detailed than usual? It's pretty impressive regardless.
Yes, Trump is acting crazier than usual. You know I've heard that Covid can attack different organs in the body. I wonder if his virus attacked his weakest organ....his brain.

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to seeing what that salad stem becomes. You have a very keen eye to not have chewed and swallowed that green morsel.

Red said...

It's not only Trump that's getting scary. Some of the extreme right people are acting out their extremism as in Michigan.

ellen abbott said...

things are going to hell in a handbasket here. Trump is completely off the rails and that's saying something for him. and something is going on with Pence suddenly called back to the WH canceling his events and no info coming out of the WH. Pelosi starting 25th amendment talks.

and yes you should plant that little salad stem, it has plenty of roots.

Angelicastar said...

I got my flu shot yesterday at dialysis. I will not blame steroids for that Orange thing acting up. I had been on steroids since 2017 until a month ago. I know medicine can have different effect on different people but this man have been trying to bully Obama, Biden and Hilary since day one. They are smarter than he is. He is up there to hurt as many people as he can and he has hurt quite a few. His pay back is right around the corner. He think he is a dictator and when things don't go his way he want to jail them. all this man need is a baseball bat on his ass. Yes those white supremacy hate groups are going wild since they have a President to uphold violence. They were playing on killing this lady(Governor) in Michigan only because she was following orders of the scientist in reference to the Corona. This world have flipped upside down. I hate going out among people.

Edna B said...

I mentioned before that my Mother always said, If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all. It's not very becoming on you. Never bring yourself down to the level of the people around you who do not understand this. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

The Padre said...

Spoil Olga Girl This Weekend From Uncle T - Extra Just Because Treats - Pound Those Vitamins After That Flu Shot And Hydrate Like A Mad Man - And Smile Often


Linda Sue said...

last night , watching a panel on Don Lemon, a recording of the Orange POS, calling FOX- so off the rails all the panelists could do was laugh until tears appeared.(Biden executing babies already born, Californians leaving their water running so that it would all go out into the Pacific Ocean for the little fishies because little fishies like water, Biden starting a war in the burbs) I tried to find it again but it was only presented that once- Roids with the already mentally compromised is probably not a great idea. Dumpster fire full blown.
The little salad looks promising with maybe bitter bite, Experiment.
I, too, am curious about Ursula's name drop not dropped...royalty I assume.
Glad you got the jab! At least it is going to keep you from getting normal flu. I get them every year, this year I got the high dose for old folks. Can't hurt!

Catalyst said...

After Pence made his unscheduled and hurried return to the White House last night (still without explanation, by the way) I woke at 5 this morning and began wondering if the 25th Amendment had been invoked during the night and couldn't go back to sleep. So rose at 5:15 and straight to the computer. Alas, nothing has changed and now Trump is on Rush Limbaugh's radio show sharing weird conspiracies and charges and claims. As I said, nothing has changed.

The Bug said...

I got my flu shot the other day at work. I think maybe it's my third one ever? I do NOT like needles, but like you, figured this is not the year to miss it.

I can't wait to see what the green thing turns into!

Alphie Soup said...

Beethoven looks unhappy. If I increase the photo size, his expression is more pensive than unhappy. I attribute all this to the price on his head....

Anonymous said...

I am not really surprised that you have a sense of order. I think a variety of lettuce.

Steve Reed said...

Ursula: This may be the first time I've had a comment that's longer than my original post! LOL! My mom had lots of classical music records but she almost never played them, so feel fortunate that you grew up listening to such a diverse range of stuff. I almost always have some kind of music playing in my head. (At the moment it's "Cucurrucucu Paloma" by Caetano Veloso)

YP: What can I say? I like neatness.

GZ: I think that's what attracts many people to library work -- a love for quiet and paper and orderliness. Unfortunately we also have to deal with people. LOL

Ms Moon: Lettuce seems likely, but it has such a long stem. Isn't lettuce more bunchy?

Sharon: Ha! Lord, I hope not. We still have to survive the next couple of months at a minimum.

Robin: Well, when I saw the roots, that stopped me!

Red: Yeah, that was a crazy story, wasn't it? People are nuts.

Ellen: Oh, I didn't hear about the Pence thing. But it's not surprising they might want to keep him close at hand. I saw this morning that Trump insists he is medication-free.

Angelicastar: The world HAS flipped upside down, I agree with you. Fingers crossed, we only have to put up with a few more months of this. Maybe the steroid you were on was a different type?

Edna: I think that's good advice if you're being catty about someone's hairstyle or talking smack about their relationships. But if you're faced with a president who is demolishing your country's government, you not only SHOULD speak up but you have a patriotic DUTY to do so. I am not going to stop criticizing Trump. The man is dangerous.

Padre: "Hydrate like a mad man" -- but do mad men hydrate? LOL

Linda Sue: I wasn't aware different dosages were an option!

Catalyst: I wonder if Pence is secretly running things and Trump is just out there being a showman. He wouldn't care, as long as he gets the adulation of his minions.

Bug: Yeah, same with me! Might be my third.

Alphie: It's kind of a scary expression, honestly. I wonder if he really looked like that? Or would he see it and think, "That looks NOTHING like me!"

Andrew: I will let you know!

Moving with Mitchell said...

So right about Trump and Nixon. It was awfully telling when George W (Bush, not Washington) began to look like a wise elder statesman. I love that you've rooted what looks like a celery stalk! That bust of Beethoven looks like it's about to speak.